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Janet C. Anderson Gender Resource Center

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Welcome to the Idaho State University (ISU) Janet C. Anderson Gender Resource Center (GRC). The GRC has been on the ISU campus since 1998. The GRC was created by the ISU Student Senate to honor the very well respected Dean of Student Affairs, Janet C. Anderson who was retiring and whom the center is named after.


Janet C. Anderson Gender Resource Center
Rendezvous Bldg. Rm. 235
921 S. 8th, Stop 8141
Idaho State University
Pocatello, ID. 83209
(208) 282-2805
FAX (208) 282-5829


Stacey Gibson

Director, Office of Equity & Inclusion

Office: Rendezvous 157A

(208) 282-3973

Stephanie Richardson

Stephanie Richardson

GRC Assistant Director

Office: Rendezvous 235

(208) 282-3590




Intervene Bystander Intervention Training

January 31, 2022 from 12:00 to 1:30

Registration Link:

Zoom – Must register to get ZOOM link


February 2, 2022 from 1:00 to 2:30

Registration Link:

Zoom – Must register to get ZOOM link


April 6, 2022 from 1:00 P.M. to 2:30 P.M.

Registration Link:

Zoom – Must register to get ZOOM link

  • Video: The online 20-minute video Intervene includes brief filmed scenarios demonstrating ways in which student bystanders can successfully intervene in problematic situations. Seven different situations are addressed, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence (emotional abuse), hazing, alcohol emergency, emotional distress, and bias. Characters in the film represent the diverse identities of college student populations including race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

  • Workshop: 60-minute workshop the provides an opportunity for students to view the video with others and engage in a facilitated conversation to reflect upon the attitudes and behaviors that influence the process of intervening as an individual or with assistance. Participants also discuss additional related scenarios not included in the film.

How to Build a Healthy Friend/Roommate Relationship

February 16, 2022 from 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Rendezvous Suites A & B

Registration Link:

This workshop is a product of the One Love Foundation. The one Love Foundation is dedicated to improving relationship health. This workshop will show a variety of animated videos highlighting characteristics of friendships. The workshop will review healthy and un-healthy aspects of friend and roommate relationships. We hope to share insight in how to build healthy friend and roommate connections.

Positive Body Image Symposium

March 9, 2022
Location: ZOOM - Fill out the registration and a ZOOM link will be sent to you.

Registration Link:  

The symposium will feature renowned researchers and lectures with expertise in body image. The sessions will offer CE’s with certificates $25.00 for sessions 2 – 4, or $10.00 per single season for 2 – 4.

The symposium is free to the ISU community and the general public.


The link to pay for CE's:

Join us for the symposium on topics related to positive body image. A full list of topics will be posted on the Gender Resource Center website.


2:00 pm: What is Positive Body Image – Janette Olsen, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Health Education Director – Department of Community & Public Health, College of Health Professions


2:30 pm:  Embodied Movement – Molly Jorgensen, MFA, CLMA, SME/T – Adjunct Faculty, Brigham Young University Idaho, Founder and Owner of MBody Movement


3:30 pm: Identity Re-creation and Body Image – Janette Olsen, Ph.D. – Associate Professor – Department of Community & Public Health, College of Health Professions


4:30: Building a Positive Body Image Culture in Athletics: What coaches, parents and athletes need to know – Natalie Christensen, MS, RD, CSSD, LD – Idaho State University Sports Dietitian


5:20: Student Athlete Perspectives Panel: Building a Positive Body Image – Student Athletes – Moderated by Natalie Christensen


5:50: Closing Remarks







 “Just the Place for Ladies to Purchase”: Exploring Advertisements in the Woman’s Exponent, 1872-1914

Registration link:

March 16, 2022 from 3:00 to 4:00

Little Wood River Rooms in the Pond Student Union


Issues of the Woman’s Exponent newspaper appeared once or twice per month in Salt Lake City from 1872 until 1914. An announcement of this new publication stated,

Woman’s Exponent will aim to discuss every subject interesting and valuable to women. It will contain a brief and graphic summary of current news, local and general; household hints, educational matters, articles on health and dress, correspondence, editorials on leading topics of interest suitable to its columns, and miscellaneous reading . . . Woman’s Exponent will endeavor to defend the right, inculcate sound principles and disseminate useful knowledge.

Although it became a noted suffragist outlet, the broader content in the Exponent provides today’s scholars with insight into the daily life of the women who wrote and read the paper. This content is such a rich source of history that we may be prone to overlook—as did the announcement above—the content on the last page of each issue: the advertising. On average, each issue included six advertisements (though the actual amount ranged from zero to more than twenty), and more than 100 individuals, businesses, and organizations advertised during the paper’s run. These back-page advertisements reveal a new cast of characters including bankers, medical professionals, store owners, and independent sales representatives, all of whom used the Woman’s Exponent to reach a female audience.  


This presentation will explore the businesses, goods, and services advertised in the Exponent and will include a demonstration of a website that helps researchers, educators, and the public search through these advertisements.

It's On Us Training

Registration Link:

April 11
Wood and Little Wood River Rooms in the Pond Student Union

It’s On Us training
Idaho State University was chosen out of universities across the nation to be one of 4 campuses to host and in person (could change to ZOOM if travel restrictions are put in place) It’s On Us training. Idaho State University will also be the first training on the west. In 2020, It’s On Us and Yves Saint Laurent partnered to develop the “Abuse is Not Love” awareness campaign. More about the campaign:
Date: April 11, 2022
Place: Wood and Little Wood River Rooms
The two morning trainings are core trainings form It’s On Us and not part of the YSL campaign. The two in the afternoon anre part of the YSL campaign.

10am-11pm - Survivor Support
Video – “I Owe You Support”

Overview - I Owe You Support is a survivor support story told by Carly, a former student. She tells a story of a friend who was sexually assaulted and needed her support. Carly tells her what she wished someone had told her.

11am to 12:00- Online Dating Safety

With the generous support of Tinder, It’s On Us is able to provide a new training on online dating safety.
In this training, students will learn about the intersection of online dating and dating violence, as well as ways to stay safe while online dating.
Over the past several years, online dating has transformed the way we meet and develop relationships. Some studies also show that dating apps and websites have become the most popular way for couples to meet in the United States.

Break (The afternoon trainings are part of the YSL campaign)

2pm to 3pm - Intimate Partner Violence Awareness 101
Video - Intimate Partner Violence Awareness 101

Overview - In this training, students will learn about the prevalence of intimate partner violence, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the rates of this violence, and how to identify and then support a friend or peer that is experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV).
IPV is one of the most common forms of violence against women and includes physical, sexual, financial, and emotional abuse, as well as controlling behaviors by an intimate partner. In the United States young people are disproportionately affected by IPV.

3pm to 4pm – Intimate Partner Violence Intervention
Video – Intimate Partner Violence Intervention 101

Overview - In this training, students will learn about ways to intervene when a friend or peer may be experiencing intimate partner violence. This training will discuss the role of power and control in relationships as well as each of our roles in building a more trusting culture in our campus communities.
Play the following video while hosting an Intimate Partner Violence Prevention training or in any group setting to start a conversation about how to intervene in intimate partner violence.


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