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Iris Buder

Iris Buder, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, MHA Program Director, Associate Professor of Economics

Office: BA 537

(208) 282-3979


Ph.D., University of Utah
MS, Auburn University
BA, Auburn University

Dr. Buder teaches undergraduate courses in the economics of health care, labor economics, microeconomics, econometrics, mathematics for economics, and economic issues. Her research interests in the area of health economics include analyzing the economic costs of diseases, conducting cost-effectiveness analyses for public health interventions, and researching health disparities. Her research interests in the area of labor economics include labor market disparities, occupational prestige, and wage disparities. She currently serves as a board member for Health West Community Center and enjoys spending time biking or hiking in her free time.

Karl Geisler

Karl Geisler, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Economics

Office: BA 338B

(208) 282-2860


Ph.D., University of Nevada- Reno
BA (Econ/Math & French), Western Washington University

Dr. Karl Geisler received his Ph.D. from the University of Nevada, Reno. As a regional economist his research primarily examines how economic activities spillover between jurisdictions, such as how casinos impact employment in host and adjacent counties. In his free time he enjoys many outdoor activities, particularly whitewater rafting and skiing.

Tesa Stegner

Tesa Stegner, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics

Office: BA 338D

(208) 282-2393


Ph.D., Washington State University
BS, Valparaiso University

Dr. Stegner teaches a range of applied micro courses including Environmental and Public Finance. Her research interests lie primarily in the area of economic education but also include applied micro analysis. When not in the classroom, she enjoys spending time hiking (especially with her dogs).

Robert Tokle

Robert Tokle, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics

Office: BA 535

(208) 282-3835


Ph.D., Iowa State University
BA, University of Wisconsin

Dr. Tokle grew up in Wisconsin and discovered economics as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers). During both his undergraduate and graduate school years, Dr. Tokle worked six summers in Yellowstone Park, and earned a Ph.D. in economics at Iowa State in 1986. That same year he joined the economics faculty at Idaho State. In recent years, Tokle’s research has been focused on various topics in the credit union industry.