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Master's Thesis Track

Students on the thesis track must complete a Program of Study of at least 36 credits which includes at least 30 credits of coursework and 6 credits of thesis. The Program of Study is to be filled out during a student's first semester of graduate school in consultation with his or her advisor.

Credit Requirements

The student must complete courses in the graduate CS core and in a focused plan of study. In both options, the student must successfully complete the require18 credit hours of core CS courses.

The student must acquire depth in at least one emphasis area by developing a focused plan of study in consultation with the major advisor. These areas include, Education, Business, and Science. These are emphases that investigates some aspect of computer science in depth, consistent with the goals of the graduate program in computer science.

The thesis option requires at least 36 credit hours of study. The thesis must be in the approved format and must represent significant scholarly achievement. The thesis must be presented at a public colloquium.

Required Courses: Computer Science Core - 18 Semester Hours

CourseCourse Name
CS 5570 Parallel Processing (3)
CS 5580 Theory of Computation (3)
CS 5551 Database Theory Design and Programming (3)
CS 6671 Advanced Operating Systems (3)
CS 6672 Human Computer Interaction (3)
CS 6673 Advanced Topics in Compilation (3)



Thesis Courses - 6 Semester Hours

CourseCourse Name
CS 6650 Thesis: 1 - 6 semester hours


Emphasis Areas - 12 Semester Hours

Education Emphasis:

CourseCourse Name
CS 5101 Computer Science Principles (3)
CS 5102 Teaching and Learning Computer Science I (3)
CS 5103 Teaching and Learning Computer Science II (3)
CS 6101 Inclusive Strategies for Teaching Computer Science to Women and Minorities (3)


Business Emphasis:

CourseCourse Name
INFO 5307 Intermediate Systems Analysis and Design (3)
INFO 5417 Statistical Methods for Data Analytics (3)
INFO 5507 Database Design and Implementation (3)
INFO 6670 Management of Informatics Projects (3)


Science Emphasis:

CourseCourse Name
CS 5588 Advanced Software Engineering and Project (3)
CS 5558 Computer Graphics (3)
MATH 6627 Complex Analysis I (3)
MATH 6628 Complex Analysis II (3)