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Idaho State University

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Learn the fundamentals of computing while diving into diverse and exciting fields like Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, and Software Engineering. This is the perfect time to pursue a degree in computer science: Every year more and more jobs involving computing and software engineering open up.

The bachelor's program is intended for students who have never attended college, who have attended some college but did not attain a degree and want to transfer, or who have already attained a degree in another field and want a second degree in Computer Science.

BS in CS requirements

Minor in Computer Science

Computing has become pervasive in today's society, thus a computer science minor complements any major and provides additional marketable skills.

Minor in CS requirements

Master of Science in Computer Science

A graduate degree in computer science from Idaho State University prepares a student for a lifetime of discovery. It enables the graduate to advance the state of the art in computing, not merely to keep up with it. The graduate program develops the student's critical thinking, investigatory, and expository skills. The student will learn the foundations of computer science theory and application, and the interaction between the two. By understanding the extent and limitation of current knowledge in computer science, the graduate will learn to understand what issues are important and why. He or she will acquire the methodological skills to resolve important open problems and tackle challenging new projects. The student will learn to present problems and solutions, both orally and in writing.

MS in CS requirements and application info

Computer Science

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