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Web Training Schedule

Website training will allow you edit, maintain, and create new pages on your website.

You will learn how to structure and organize your content, and how to the use the Content Management System (CMS).

Faculty and Staff

To gain access to Terminalfour you must attend both:

Web Content Training and

Using the CMS


You must attend one 2 hour session

Student Training


Thursday, August 4
9:30am - 11:30am

Learn about content and website editing

Web Training


Web content training
Tuesday, September 13
8:30 - 10 am

Using the CMS
Wednesday, September 14
8:30 - 11 am

Recordings of Special Sessions

Content types
January 2022
Reminders on content type basics, Themes, Content wrappers, Single column content types, Setting up staff directories


DubBot training
July 14, 2022
Basic information about DubBot and some specific examples you may encounter.