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Website Policy


Website content

The ISU website is a collaboration between Web Services and each department, office, and college.

Staff members from individual units are responsible for the creation and maintenance of content on their pages.

Web Services is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of the content management system (CMS)
  • Website Training
  • Institutional web design
  • Branding of the site
  • Information architecture
  • Top-Level pages


Training and CMS access

To gain access to the website, a person needs to attend training.

Training sessions are held each month (except December).

Faculty and staff must attend both sessions to gain access to their website.

Students must attend a 2-hour session.


Student accounts

Students do not have the ability to approve and publish content.

There should be oversite for student work. A faculty/staff member needs to review and approve changes for them to be published.


Graduate Students

If the student is a teaching assistant or research assistant, a supervising faculty/staff member can ask for them to have publishing rights.

Students assigned to large areas

If the student does work for multiple units in a college or area and has oversight from someone like a college marketer, we can discuss publishing options.


Websites for individuals

ISU websites are meant for colleges, departments, offices, clinics, labs, and other official ISU programs.

Individuals should not have ISU websites.

Professors who want to have whole websites to show their research/work should use services like Google Sites, Wix, Weebly, etc.

Possible exception

If a department deems that a professor’s work could be useful for marketing to potential students, an arrangement can be discussed.


Websites for clubs

Clubs should not have ISU websites.

Clubs should use services like Google Sites, Wix, Weebly, etc.

Possible exception

If a department or college has a reason the club should have a space on their site, it can be considered.


Individual site search

Because Google Custom Search is being used, it isn't feasible for each site to have its own search.

Getting educational status verification of the instance and implementing it into a specific site is a time consuming process.

Custom search instances should be reserved for very large sites, sites used frequently by the campus community, or mission-critical sites.