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Adds a full width banner to the top of a page.

The banner is enabled on a per-section basis and is typically reserved for homepages.

Ask for permission

Fields and options

Supplies a name for the list of 'content in this section'. It is for internal purposes only.

Background Image
Image for the banner. Recommended width is 1800px.

Height of the banner in pixels, 400 - 600 is common.

Background position
The background image will be aligned to Bottom, Center, or Top. Center is the default.

Main Heading
This is a heading 1.

Main Heading text size
The size of the heading 1 can be changed to accomodate the space. Large, Medium, Small and X-small are the option. Even the X-small is a relatively large font size.

Sub Heading text
Text that shows under the heading 1.

Choose whether there is margin space above or below the banner. The default is no margin.