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Club Registration Form 2022-2023- This form must be completed yearly for your organization to be considered an active ASISU registered organization/club. If your officers change during the year, this form should be updated with the Student Leadership & Engagement Center.

Authorized Signature Form 2022-2023 - This form should be completed and turned in with the Student Organization Registration Form. This form allows Club members to release club funds.

Event Registration Form - If you are planning an organization/club event, clubs MUST complete this form and return to the Student Leadership & Engagement Center prior to the event date. 


Bengal Dining Catering Waiver - If your organization/club is planning an event on campus and you are having food, you must use Chartwells unless you complete this form and have Bengal Dining sign off. The waiver must be returned with your Event Registration Form.

Club Deposit Form  - This form is used to deposit cash and checks into your club account.  It must be signed by two club members to verify the funds being deposited.

Request for Payment Form- Fillable- If your organization/club needs a cash advance, cash box, make a donation, do an Honorarium, pay a vendor, be reimbursed, transfer funds to another campus account, or travel, this form will need to be completed and turned back into the Student Leadership & Engagement Center with any related itemized receipt. 

Reimbursement Request Form - This form is used when the reimbursement is over $200 or when a check is needed.

Non-Cash Prize or Award Documentation Form - This form is to be filled out if your organization gives away any cash prize such as gift cards or prizes handed out.  It is recommended to have these printed before your event and to request them to be filled out prior to giving the prize away. A W-9 form is required to be filled out by the winner also.

W-9 Form - This form is required by the university for any reimbursement request. 

W8 BEN Tax Form - This form is required by the university for any international student reimbursement request.



Organization Manual - Use this manual as a guide to establish a new club on campus.

Yearly Club Checklist - This guide will outlite imporant deadlines for your club throughout the academic year.

Club/Organization Interest List- This is a list of the current active clubs and organizations for the last year.



New Officer Training Video - Watch the video and complete the Officer Verification form.

Club Financial Training Video - Watch the video and complete the Financial Verification form

Advisor Workshop Presentation 2019

Incentive Points Workshop 2020