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Staff Council Events

Door Decorating Contest 2023

holiday door with red and black decorations

Whoville door decorations

tree decorations with green paper rings

Staff Appreciation Luncheon 2023

Staff Council Appreciation Luncheon 2023 Recipient Photo

Staff Council Appreciation Luncheon 2023 photo

Staff Council Appreciation Luncheon 2023 raffle table

Staff Council Tailgates

Staff members tailgating with hot chocolate giveaway      Staff council tailgate posing with hot chocolate      Tailgating photo with students in front of tent

Bengals vs. Northern Arizona Tailgate

Veterans Day Donut Celebration

Veterans Day Donut Celebration | Friday, November 11, 2022

Veterans Day Donut Giveaway people in front of sign          Veterans Day Donut Giveaway staff council members with donuts         Veterans Day Donut Giveaway people getting donuts