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K-12 Principal Endorsement Graduate Certificate

Prepare to be an effective school principal with the K-12 Principal Endorsement Graduate Certificate. School principals lead faculty, staff, and students to accomplish academic goals and work to create positive change for students, teachers, parents, staff, and the community.

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Application, Funding, and Support

Program and Admission Requirements

Idaho K-12 Principal Endorsement Graduate Certificate

Individuals who currently hold an educationally-related master's degree can complete a sequence of courses to earn a Graduate Certificate (22 credits) and be eligible for an institutional recommendation towards the Idaho K-12 principal endorsement. 

Admissions requirements and procedures are detailed on:

The ISU Graduate School website

The Graduate School graduate catalog

This Graduate Certificate requires a minimum of 22 credits:

  • 18 credits in coursework aligned to the Idaho Standards for the Preparation of School Principals
  • 3 credits of internship (a state requirement)
  • 1 credit of case study (taken in the last semester)

Career Opportunities

  • Public School Principal
  • Private School Principal
  • State Departments of Education
  • Alternative School Principal
  • School Capacity Building
  • Charter School Principal
  • Textbook Consultant
  • Education Policy Consultant
  • Central Office Administrator   

Required Courses

Educational Administration Emphasis Courses (18 credits)

EDLA 6608 Organizational Leadership and Education Administration 3 credits (summer)

EDLA 6609 Principalship 3 credits (fall)

EDLA 6612 School Law, Governance, and Ethics 3 credits (fall) 

EDLA 6614 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 3 credits (spring)

EDLA 6615 Supervision and Instructional Leadership 3 credits (spring)

EDLA 6642 School Culture and Community Relations 3 credits (summer)

Internship (3 credits)

EDLA 6657 Internship 3 credits (fall, spring, summer)

The candidate may begin the 260-hour internship once he or she completes two of the three following courses: EDLA 6608, EDLA 6612, and/or EDLA 6615. The internship usually takes more than one semester to complete. The internship must include a minimum of 60 hours at each of the elementary, middle or junior high, and high school levels. The candidate must register for 2 credits the first semester of internship and at least 1 credit in each additional semester (including summers) for continuous enrollment until the internship is complete.

Case Study (1 credit)

EDLA 6651 Case Analysis in Education 1 credit (fall, spring, summer)

The candidate must complete all coursework prior to enrolling in the Case Study or must be registered in the last required courses during the semester of the Case Study. The candidate must have completed a significant number of internship hours and turned in the required reports to the Internship Coordinator prior to getting permission from the Internship Coordinator to enroll in the Case Study. 

Patti Mortensen

Dr. Patti Mortensen

Professor of Practice

Office: College of Education 377

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