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P-12 Education Administration with Athletic Administration, M.Ed.

The P-12 Education Administration with Athletic Administration emphasis combines existing coursework and current programs in educational administration and athletic administration. This emphasis will provide school districts, which typically hire assistant principals and assign them athletic administrator responsibilities, with principals that are well-qualified to assume athletic administrator duties. This emphasis will provide education specifically designed to address the needs of current and future athletic administrators at the secondary level. Candidates can select from existing course options in educational Administration and athletic Administration.

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Application, Funding, and Support

Program and Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements and procedures are detailed on

The Graduate School graduate catalog

Admission Information:

  • Meet the ISU Graduate School admission requirements
  • Hold a Bachelor's degree in education or a related field from a regionally accredited institution
  • Have a minimum of 3.0 GPA in upper division undergraduate coursework
  • Have at least one year of K-12 teaching experience or equivalent documented experience
  • Submit a letter of interest, stating why the applicant is interested in the M.Ed. in Educational Administration
  • Submit a current resume with names and contact information for at least 2 professional references

 This M.ED. requires a minimum of 31 credits:

  • Core Professional Studies Courses (9 credits)
  • Administrative Concentration (18 credits)
  • Field Experience: Internship (3 credits) + Case Analysis (1 credit)
  • Athletic Administration Emphasis Coursework (9 credits)
  • Athletic Administration Internship (2 credits)

ISU Course Catalog

P-12 Education Administration with Alethic Administration, MEd

Required Courses

Graduate Core Requirements (9 credits)

PE 6640 Research & Writing (3cr.) Fall or *EDUC 6601 Research & Writing (3 cr.)

PE 6615 Philosophy of Athletics (3cr.) Fall or *EDUC 6602 – Theories of Learning

*EDUC 6610 – Applied Educational Statistics (3 cr.)

*These EDUC courses are offered every semester

Administrative Concentration (18 credits)

PE 6605: Leadership in Administration (3 cr.) or EDLA 6608: Organizational Leadership & Education Administration (Summer term)

EDLA 6609: Principalship (3 cr.)  (Fall term)

EDLA 6612: School Law, Governance, & Ethics (3 cr.) (Fall term)

EDLA 6614: Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment (3 cr.) (Spring term)

EDLA 6615: Supervision of Instruction (3 cr.) (Spring term)

EDLA 6642: School Communications & Public Relations (3 cr.) (Summer term)

Field Experience Requirements (3 credits)

EDLA 6657 Internship (*3 cr.) – 180 hours

Requires completion of two of these three courses to register for internship

  •  EDLA 6608 or PE 6605; EDLA 6612 or EDLA 6615

*Requires 3 credit initial enrollment and then 1 credit of continuous enrollment each semester until all of the internship requirements are met.

Capstone Experience (1 credit)

EDLA 6651: Case Study (1 credit)

*Must be completed in the last semester of the program                                                                                                                           

Athletic Administration Emphasis (11 credits)

PE 6635: Management of Athletics (3 cr.) Spring

PE 6631: Athletics and the Law (3 cr.) Spring

PE 6625: Advanced Sports Marketing (3 cr.) Spring

PE 6655: Internship (2 cr.) Can be taken any time but must meet with an advisor and have this approved beforehand – 90 hours

Career Opportunities

  • Public School Principal - Athletic Director 
  • Private School Principal
  • School Capacity Building
  • Charter School Principal
  • Textbook Consultant
  • Education Policy Consultant
  • Alternative School Principal  
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Geoffrey Thomas, EdD

Assistant Professor

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