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About the ISU Scholarship Campaign

Leave Your Legacy. Start Theirs.

Idaho State University exists to help students change their lives. That is what we do; that is our mission. Idaho State provides students with exceptional experiences that enlightens, challenges and prepares them to lead successful and impactful lives. Thanks to the support of alumni and friends like you, tens of thousands have risen to personal fulfillment, professional growth and financial security because of the opportunities available at ISU. 

Supporting students is our highest priority and access to a world-class education should not be denied to anyone because of their financial circumstances. The Leave Your Legacy. Start Theirs. Scholarship Campaign is Idaho State’s most ambitious fundraising effort aimed at ensuring students who have the dream, talent and commitment to receive an education will be able to do so. Your gifts are what we need to turn each student’s aspirations into realities. 

Endowed scholarships and fellowships create life-changing opportunities. As a first-generation college student from rural Idaho who benefited from the generosity of scholarship donors, I know firsthand the transformational impact an education can have on one’s life and family.

Please join me and the entire Bengal community in leaving your legacy by building a bright future for students who will make significant contributions to our communities, our state and our nation.


Roar Bengals!


Kevin D. Satterlee


Kevin speaking from fall address