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Responsive PD

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Guided by the Specialist, educators use current research to determine short-term and long-term goals for mathematics teaching and learning. The Specialist then supports and/or provides targeted professional development. A Math Specialist will meet with teacher leaders or administrators to discuss needs and consider the best practices to meet the identified needs.


Working with a school to...

  • increase their Algebra 1 passing rate.

  • increase proficiency levels on state exams.

  • identify essential standards and understand the intent of those standards as well as how to help student learning in relation to that standard.

  • to streamline curriculum to better align with the intent of the standards.

Application Process

Contact us via phone or email for more information and to apply for Responsive PD. 

The Regional Math Specialist will begin by meeting with you and your team. You will learn about progressions of learning, critical areas, and priority standards. Your team will examine your curriculum for areas of improvement. Your streamlined curriculum provides better alignment to the standards, and leaves you more time to help students develop and deepen mathematical understanding.