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How Does Quality+ Work?

The Quality+ program has three different paths. Find out which one works best for you!

Quality+ Program Paths

  • Quality+ Essentials

Quality+ Essentials Digital badge for Quality+ essentials 

Quality+ Essentials is the internal review process for ISU courses. This is a great way for you to reflect on your course design and engage in a collaborative review process. During the Quality+ Essentials process, you will collaborate with your dedicated Instructional Designer to identify the collective strengths and weaknesses of your course, receive student feedback, meet accessibility standards, and receive helpful recommendations from an internal QM Certified Peer Reviewer. If the course does not initially meet the QM Essential Standards, you will work with your Instructional Designer to make the reviewer-suggested updates during the amendment phase.

The illustration below shows a flow chart of the different phases of the Quality+ Essentials process. Select the (i) icon hotspots within the illustration to learn more.

A specific ISU course with online components you will be teaching.

An ISU online course that meets all essential standards of the Quality Matters™ Rubric.

  • All professional development costs are covered
  • Dedicated Instructional Designer
  • Digital badge upon completion
  • Stipend upon completion

During Quality+ Essentials, you will be expected to:

  • Create an individualized professional development plan
  • Engage in professional development workshops
  • Work with an Instructional Designer to complete all milestones
  • Create a Course Alignment Map
  • Receive a Student Review
  • Receive an Accessibility Check
  • Complete an Essential Standards Review

For your 1st professional development course, the following are strongly recommended

The typical timeline is 12-16 months from start to finish. However, you will set the timeline for meeting each of the milestones to work with your specific schedule.

As you take additional courses through Quality+ Essentials, your individualized professional development plan will adjust to your specific needs. 

  • 1st Course - $4,000*
  • 2nd Course - $2,000
  • 3rd Course - $1,000
  • Additional Courses - $500

*In addition to a monetary stipend, there are options for the following:

  •  a laptop at the beginning and the remainder of the $4,000 upon completion

Stipends are paid upon completion of the final milestone with your regular ISU paycheck and will be impacted by your current withholdings. You can contact the ISU HR Payroll Department to discuss options to maximize your stipend amount.