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IT Networking and Communications Systems

Telephone User Guide


The ISU networking and telecommunications system is comprised of a complex multi-vendor solution of hardware, software, and cable plant facilities supporting voice, video, and data communications. The Department of IT Networking and Communications Systems (NetCom) provides hardware and plant facility support, installation, maintenance, and repair for all aspects of networking and telecommunications under the direction of Information Technology Services. Specifically, the department is responsible for telephone services, data networking and transport, the Internet, and plant facilities (backbone infrastructure). The telephone system is a voice-over-IP (VoIP) system. These systems are owned by the University and operated by NetCom. The plant facilities are comprised of copper and fiber optic cable. Data network and transport hardware include routers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points, etc.

Below you will find a summary of how to place calls, how to use some of the system features and how to request service. Questions regarding NetCom services should be directed to the NetCom Business Office located in the Red Hill Building, or call extension 4541.

Request for Service or Repair

Voice & Data

  • For repair of equipment or lines call the NetCom Business Office at extension 4541. Repairs generally will be completed within 24 hours. You may also submit a request online.
  • For all new installations, moves, adds, or changes (MAC) to equipment or lines, call the NetCom Business Office at extension 4541. You may also submit a request online.


A billing report is issued to each department monthly via ePrint. The billing period runs from the 1st to the 31st of each month. The billing report includes costs incurred for line/equipment charges, computer equipment maintenance and billable service work performed. The billing report includes charges for both voice and data.

Line / Equipment Charges

  • Each voice circuit or line, is billed monthly - in advance. Voice will be for a connection to the VoIP system and includes telephone rental charges. There is currently no monthly charge for a new data port.

Non-Billed Services


  • Maintenance and repairs on lines or telephone instruments, except when theft, loss, vandalism, or abuse are involved.
  • Software features.
  • Software configuration changes.


  • Maintenance and repairs LAN connections.

Billable Services


  • New installations of lines and associated telephone instruments.
  • Recurring monthly line charges and telephone instrument rental.
  • New cable installation.
  • Moving phones or lines in an existing installation.
  • Remodeling or new construction changes and additions.


  • New installation of lines.
  • New cable installation.
  • Moving PCs, terminals, peripherals or lines in an existing installation.
  • Remodeling or new construction changes and additions.
  • New connections to and installation of local area networks.
  • Setup of PCs, terminals, or peripherals.

Making Calls

On-Campus Numbers From On-Campus:

Simply dial the four digit extension number of the person you are calling (Nxxx).
ISU extension numbers fall between 1000 and 7999.

  • Dial <Four Digit Extension Number>


On-Campus Numbers From Off-Campus:

Dialing Pocatello & Idaho Falls Campus Numbers From The Southeast Idaho Calling Area:

  • Dial 208 + 282 + <Four Digit Extension Number>

Dialing Meridian Campus Numbers from the Boise Local Calling Area:

  • Dial 208 + 373 + <Four Digit Extension Number>


The Southeast Idaho Calling Area Includes:

American Falls, Arbon, Arco, Ashton, Bancroft, Blackfoot, Dayton, Downey, Driggs, Felt, Firth, Franklin, Grace, Grays Lake, Holbrook, Howe, Idaho Falls, Inkom, Irwin, Island Park, Lava Hot Springs, Lewisville, Mackay, Malad, McCammon, Menan, Montpelier, Moore, Paris, Pocatello, Preston, Rexburg, Rigby, Ririe, Riverside, Roberts, Rockland, St. Anthony, Shelley, Soda Springs, Tetonia, Thatcher, Victor and Wayan. 


Off-Campus Numbers From On-Campus:
Call TypeDial Pattern
Emergency 911
Local 8 + 208 + <number>
Long Distance Calls 8 + 1 + <area code> + <number>
800 Numbers
800, 855, 866, 877, 888 etc...
8 + 1 + 8xx + <number>
Idaho Road Report 8 + 511
Idaho Relay Service 8 + 711
Idaho Dig Line 8 + 811
Idaho Care Line 8 + 211


  • 8 + 011 + <country code> + <number>

Directory Assistance:

  • 8 + 411