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ISU offers the only Health Informatics Master’s Degree in Idaho...

Online, Convenient & Affordable

Completion Time

On average, students complete the MSHI degree in two years. All courses are offered online allowing students and working adults the flexibility of completing the program from home and/or on a part-time basis.


Why should I consider a MSHI degree? 

Since the HITECH Act was passed, health providers are required to create and maintain electronic medical records for each patient they treat. This legislation has created thousands of new jobs in the field of Health Informatics with many employers preferring candidates with at least a Master's degree. This degree enables you to acquire knowledge and skill in Health and IT and prepares you for top level jobs in a prominent healthcare field. 

Experimental Learning

Several Areas of Specialization

Students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in an area of specialization. There are several tracks students can choose from including Clinical Informatics, Data Science & Analytics, Rural Health Informatics, Consumer Health Informatics, Population Health Informatics and Clinical Research Informatics. Students can also select courses from any of these tracks to create a customized track.

Extend Your Studies with a Project, Thesis, and/or Internship!

In addition to the core requirements, students can gain additional expertise by completing a Health Informatics Project, developing a Master's Thesis, and/or get real-world experience by completing an Applied Internship within a healthcare organization. Students interested in conducting research or plan to pursue a Ph.D. commonly select the thesis option. The project option is for students who plan to pursue a non-academic career within healthcare. Internships provide professional field experience and makes it possible for students to emphasize real-world experience on their curriculum vitae.

Exceptional Faculty

We take great pride in our exceptional faculty. We offer a well-respected core of faculty who have in-depth knowledge of Health Informatics and experience assessing the needs of healthcare practitioners and administrators. Our faculty practices a helpful and caring approach, mentoring students each step of the way in the pursuit of their degree and preparing them for a successful career.


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