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Admission to the MSHI Program

The MSHI Program Director will review MSHI Program applications in accordance with the admission standards and application procedures listed in the graduate catalog. Applicants who do not completely satisfy admission requirements are referred to the MSHI Admissions Committee, consisting of the MSHI director and MSHI graduate faculty, to determine admission or denial.

Admission to the MSHI program is granted only to students showing high promise of success. For classified admission into the program, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Meet all requirements of and submit an application to the ISU Graduate School.
  2. Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA based on the last 60 hours of undergraduate work. Eligible credits are determined by the Graduate School.
  3. An applicant who currently holds a graduate degree must submit their transcripts, but the undergraduate GPA requirement will not apply. College transcripts must be submitted directly from the awarding institution to the ISU Graduate School.
  4. Submit a current copy of your CV along with two letters of recommendation from non-relative individuals familiar with your academic or professional abilities (no personal references).
  5. Two years of experience working in the health field is preferred for admission. A B.S. or B.A. degree in health or a health-related discipline may substitute for working experience. Applicants will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  6. Submit a statement of purpose (one to two page single-spaced typed essay) describing your interest in pursuing the MSHI degree and your vision of how it will facilitate your career goals.
  7. Restrictions may apply to International students due to all courses being offered online. International students should check with the ISU International Program Office (IPO) to determine eligibility. If eligible, international students who have not graduated from an accredited college or university in the U.S., and whose native language is not English, must achieve satisfactory scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Satisfactory TOEFL requirements for classified admission are described in the ISU Graduate Catalog under “Admission of International Students.” 
  8. Applicants will not be considered until all above documentation has been submitted. Applications are due in accordance with ISU Graduate School application deadlines. International students shall abide by additional guidelines for applications as set forth in the ISU Graduate Catalog.

You can apply to the program by going to the Graduate School Application Page.

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