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Conventional MHA

Introducing Idaho's First MHA Program...

The Idaho State University (ISU) College of Business is delighted to introduce Idaho's first Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program with its inaugural class beginning in the fall of 2018. The MHA will provide early and mid-careerists an opportunity to earn the preferred academic credential for today and tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

Designed for recent undergraduates and mid-career healthcare professionals, the MHA degree will greatly enhance students’ conceptual, technical, and human relation skills needed to compete and succeed in today’s highly complex and competitive healthcare industry.




Idaho Falls 


Remote access is also available through Zoom Video Conferencing 




Mission Statement

The Masters in Health Care Administration (MHA) Program at Idaho State University will provide early and mid-career professionals, in Idaho and beyond, with foundational conceptual, technical, and human relations skills needed to assume increasingly responsible leadership roles in the healthcare industry.


Vision Statement

The MHA program will be widely regarded as one of the finest CAHME accredited MHA programs in the western U.S. and the premier healthcare leadership education venue in the State of Idaho. 


Values Statement

  • Team work / Collaboration. We forge value-added partnerships across the various disciplines and communities we serve. We value and celebrate teamwork.
  • Integrity. We seek the highest level of professional and ethical conduct in our decision making and other personal and professional endeavors.
  • Mutual Respect. We personify the highest levels of customer service and treat each other and our stakeholders with deference and respect.
  • Excellence. We seek continuous improvement and the highest levels and standards of leadership, teaching, research, and service. Our quest for excellence emphasizes the principles and practices of evidence based management.


Goals, Objectives and Outcomes

  • Provide a high quality educational experience for MHA and other health professions students.
  • Promote an environment that supports learning and discovery through various forms of Scholarship.
  • Demonstrate consummate professionalism by providing significant service to the MHA program, university, and profession.

Meeting the Gold Standard


The MHA program at ISU is in candidacy at the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education’s (CAHME). Candidate status is an indication that a program in healthcare management has voluntarily committed to participate in a plan of self-improvement and is actively progressing toward the status of accreditation. Candidate status is not accredited status and does not guarantee eventual accredited status.  CAHME is the accreditation agency for MHA and related programs and represents the highest and most distinguished level of accreditation.

The MHA program and faculty will be affiliated with Idaho’s only AUPHA-certified undergraduate healthcare administration program, located at Idaho State University. The MHA program vision is to be regarded as one of the finest CAHME accredited programs in the western United States and the premier healthcare leadership education venue in the state of Idaho.

Curriculum Manageability


The MHA program is designed to be very manageable for either full or part-time students. MHA courses will primarily take place in traditional classroom settings in Meridian, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello. Roughly half of classes will be offered online and remote access will also be available at designated class times through Zoom Video Conferencing. 


The MHA program has adopted the following competencies based on the program’s mission, vision, and values. The competency framework is an adaption from the Healthcare Leadership Alliance (HLA) Competency Directory. In large measure, the HLA competencies provide a common framework and lexicon for a variety of healthcare leaders and managers in a range of roles and settings; they serve to define the field.


Competency domain 1: Communication and relationship management

The ability to communicate clearly and concisely with internal and external customers, establish and maintain relationships, and facilitate constructive interactions with individuals and groups. Communication and relationship management includes:

  • Relationship management
  • Communication skills
  • Facilitation and negotiation


Competency domain 2: Leadership

The ability to inspire individual and organizational excellence, create a shared vision and successfully manage change to attain the organization’s strategic ends and successful performance. The leadership domain intersects with each of the other four domains and includes:

  • Leadership skills and behavior
  • Organizational climate, culture, and development
  • Developing and communicating shared vision
  • Leading and Managing change


Competency domain 3: Professionalism

The ability to align personal and organizational conduct with ethical and professional standards that include a responsibility to the patient and community, a service orientation, and a commitment to lifelong learning and improvement. Professionalism includes:


  • Self-awareness and self-mastery
  • Personal and professional accountability
  • Professional development and lifelong learning
  • Contributions to the community and profession


Competency domain 4: Knowledge of the healthcare environment

The understanding of the healthcare system and the environment in which healthcare managers and providers function. Knowledge of the healthcare environment includes:

  • Healthcare systems and organizations
  • Healthcare personnel
  • The patient’s and family’s perspective
  • The community and environment


Competency domain 5: Business skills and knowledge

The ability to apply business principles and evidence-based management, including strategic and systems thinking, to the healthcare environment. Business skills and knowledge includes:

  • General management
  • Financial management
  • Decision analysis & evidence-based management
  • Human resource management
  • Organizational dynamics and governance
  • Strategic planning and marketing
  • Business law and ethics
  • Information management
  • Quality management / Performance improvement


The proposed MHA curriculum consists of 13 three-credit required courses; 1 MHA capstone, or administrative residency (may comprise 3-6 credit hours); and 1-2 elective courses as needed for a total of 48 credit hours.

How to Apply

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Fee: $65

Send Transcript to:

ISU Graduate School

921 S. 8th Ave, Mail Stop 8075

Pocatello, ID 83209-8075


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Take the Test: GRE or GMAT

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