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MHA + DO Concurrent Program

The College of Business and the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine have partnered to offer Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine students the opportunity to complete a Master of Healthcare Administration degree from Idaho State University while pursuing their DO. This option is intended to give medical and healthcare professionals the tools they need to make strong financial decisions, understand marketing information, lead and motivate teams and make good and ethical business decisions. The ability to better understand the healthcare system will allow doctoral students to better serve their patients. 


MHA Overview & Courses

The MHA is offered in Meridian, Pocatello, Idaho Falls and online. In-person courses are offered in the evening with online synchronous courses also being available. As a concurrent program seeking student, you would complete your MHA at the same time as your DO, but earn your degrees from the two different schools.

ICOM students pursuing the MHA degree will be able to waive some MHA courses with corresponding courses in their doctoral program. Here is a look at which ICOM courses correspond to MHA courses and a sample program of study. 


Course Number

Course Title


MGT 2216

Business Statistics


MBA 6611

 or ACCT 2201   & ACCT 2202

Financial Reporting and Managerial Accounting

 ACCT 2202    Principles of Accounting I
and Principles of Accounting II


MBA 6615

 or FIN 3315


Corporate Financial Management


HCA 4410

 or HCA 5510

Management of Healthcare Provider Organizations


HCA 4475

 or HCA 5575

Health Law and Bioethics


HCA 4440

or HCA 5540

 Healthcare Economics and Policy


HCA 4453

 or HCA 5553

 Healthcare Finance


Total Credits 



HCA 5520 The Business of Healthcare 3
HCA 5580 Long Term Care Management 3
HCA 6615 Health Services Management 3
HCA 6636 Rural Healthcare Management 3

HCA 6628

or HCA 6695

Applied Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Residency

HCA 6682 US Health Systems and Policy 3

HCA 6650

or MPH 6605

Healthcare Leadership and Governance

Leadership Policy and Administration

One HCA elective, HCA 6665: Health Insurance and Reimbursement, HCA 5580: Long Term Care Management, or other HCA elective approved by the Graduate Director 3
MBA 6621 Managerial Decision Making and Negotiation 3
MBA 6637 Introduction to Business Analytics 3
Total Credits 30-36


Fall Semester 1   
Classes Course Number Credits Course Name
1 MBA 6611 3 Financial Reporting & Managerial Accounting
2 HCA 5540 3 Healthcare Economics & Policy
  Total 6  


Spring Semester 1   
Classes Course Number Credits Course Name
1 HCA 6636 3 Rural Health Management
2 MBA 6615 3 Finance
  Total 6  



Fall Semester 2   
Classes Course Number Credits Course Name
1 HCA 6615 3 Health Services Management
2 MBA 6626 3 Business Policy & Strategy
  Total 6  



Spring Semester 2   
Classes Course Number Credits Course Name
1 HCA 5553 3 Healthcare Finance
2 MGT 5573 3 Human Resource Management
  Total 6  



Fall Semester 3   
Classes Course Number Credits Course Name
1 HCA 6682 3 US Health Systems & Policy
  Total 3  



Spring Semester 3   
Classes Course Number Credits Course Name
1 HCA 6650 3 Healthcare Leadership & Governance
2 HCA 6695 3 Healthcare Residency
  Total 6  


How to Apply

DO students must have completed their first year of medical school before enrolling into any MHA courses. 

Your MCAT score will be used in place of the GRE/GMAT exams.

There are eight slots per year available in the MHA program for DO students.

You must complete at least 30 graduate credits at Idaho State to earn the MHA. But, most ICOM students can expect to take 33 credits (11 courses) in total for the Master of Healthcare Administration program.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Fee: $65

Send Transcript to:

ISU Graduate School

921 S. 8th Ave, Mail Stop 8075

Pocatello, ID 83209-8075



Two Letters of Recommendation*

Statement of Purpose


Take the Test: GRE or GMAT (MCAT score accepted)

Send a Copy of MCAT Scores to: 

College of Business cobgrad@isu.edu

*One of these letters must come from an advisor at ICOM.

Application Deadlines

June 1
November 1
April 1