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Connect with Google


The new integrated Gmail brings new features to better improve productivity. The main changes are briefly explained in the infographic below, and are Meet in Gmail, Rooms, and Chat.


Organize, review, and merge your contacts. With Google Contacts, it’s easy to keep all your contact information in one place and reach several people at once.


Use integrated online calendars designed for teams. Keep track of important events, share your schedule, and create multiple calendars.

Chat and Rooms

Chat lets you ask quick questions, collaborate in group chats, create virtual rooms for team projects, and more. These are a part of the new integrated Gmail, and are further explaained in the infographic below.



Hold video meetings with people inside or outside ISU. Join meetings on the go, virtual training classes around the world, remote interviews, and more. This is now incorporated into Gmail.


Manage and participate in online discussions. Create mailing lists and forums, share files with team members using one address, and more.

A brief description of each of the services offered in Gmail: Email, Chat, Rooms, and Meet.