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Idaho State University

Current Pharmacotherapy Residents

Alex Lystrup, PharmD, PGY1


Kailee Morton, PharmD, BCPS, PGY2 

Alex Shreiber, PharmD PGY2


Resident Projects

ResidentProject Title

Alex Lystrup

2018 - 2020

2018 - 2019:  In Progress

Kailee Morton

2017 - 2019

2018 - 2019:  In Progress

2017 - 2018:  Optimization and Expansion of Pharmacotherapy Services in a

Family Medicine Clinic

Alex Shreiber

2017 - 2019  

2018 - 2019:  In Progress

2017 - 2018:  Implementation of Pharmacist-led Medicare Annual Wellness

Visits in a  Federally Qualified Community Health Center 

Jordan Ferro

2016 - 2018 

2017 - 2018: Population-based Diabetes Management Utilizing Employed

Student Pharmacists 

2016 - 2017:  Evaluating Heart Failure Guideline Adherence Within a 

Community Health Center 

Pilar Davila 

2015 - 2017 

2016 - 2017:  An Evaluation of Medication Non-adherence and Barriers for

Mobile Health App Use as Tools to Improve Medication Adherence in Adults

in Rural Idaho

2015 - 2016:  Development of an Opioid Pain Management Protocol within 

a Family Medicine Residency Clinic

Nam Nguyen 

2015 - 2017 

2016 - 2017:  Identifying the Gap Between Provider Perception and Reality

for Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescribing Rates for Nasopharyngitis and Acute


2015 - 2016:  Utilization of a Pneumonia-specific Antibiotic De-escalation 

Algorithm to Guide Student Pharmacists in Providing Clinical Recommendations

Kasidy McKay 

2013 - 2015 

2014 - 2015:  Prescribing Feedback Reports and Medication Education to 

Improve Zolpidem Prescribing Patterns in a Family Medicine Clinic

2013 - 2014:  Reducing Proton Pump Inhibitor Usage:  Feasibility of a 

Pharmacist Directed Taper Program 

Jora Sliwinski

2013 - 2015

2015 - 2016:  Implementation of a Per-Pharmacy Vancomycin Dosing Protocol


Preceptor Name

Learning Experience(s) Precepted Required or Elective?

Area of Day-to-Day Practice
Donelle Airmet, PharmD Patient Centered Dispensing (R)

Bengal Pharmacy;


Brooke Buffat, PharmD Ambulatory Care (R) Health West; ambulatory care
Christine Bui, PharmD Managed Care (R)

MedImpact; drug

information department

Pilar Davila, PharmD, BCPS Critical Care (R)

Portneuf Medical Center; ICU &

med/surg clinical pharmacist

John Fenstermaker, DO

Advanced Internal Med I & II (R); 

Emergency Medicine (R)

Portneuf Medical Center;

ISU FMED Attending

Dave Hachey, PharmD, AAHIV HIV (E) Health West; HIV
John Holmes, PharmD, BCPS Residency Project (R) Health West; Ambulatory care and research
Scott Killian, PharmD Inpatient Pharmacy (R)

Portneuf Medical Center;

clinical coordinator

Kasidy McKay, PharmD, BCPS

Internal Medicine (R); Academia (R);

Emergency Medicine (R)

Portneuf Medical Center;

acute care; clinical teaching

Shanna O’Connor, PharmD Management (R) and Business Plan (R) Bengal Pharmacy
Tracy Pettinger, PharmD Academia (R)

Blackfoot Medical Clinic;

ambulatory care;

experiential education for COP

Preceptor in Training    
Jordan Ferro, PharmD, BCPS

Pharmacotherapy I & II (R)

Pharmacotherapy Longitudinal I & II (R)
Health West; Ambulatory care