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Program Structure

2022-2023 Residency Class


Orientation (2 weeks)

Business Plan (2 weeks)


Internal Medicine I and II (8 weeks each)

Internal Medicine III (4 weeks)

Pharmacotherapy I and II (8 weeks each)

Inpatient Pharmacy (8 weeks)

Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)

Pediatrics (4 weeks)

Pharmacotherapy-psych emphasis (4 weeks)

Critical Care (8 weeks)

Ambulatory Care (8 weeks)

Advanced Internal Medicine I (8 weeks)

Advanced Internal Medicine II (4 weeks)

Managed Care (12 weeks)

Electives (two 4 week blocks + 1 longitudinal)


Pharmacotherapy Clinic I and II (12 months each)

Residency Project I and II (12 months each)

Leadership and Professional Development (24 months)

Management (3 months)

Academia I and II (12 months each)

Patient Centered Dispensing (24 months)


Advanced Academia

  • Two 4 week blocks + one 6-month longitudinal
  • Electives are conditional on appropriate progression in the program
  • Residents may repeat any core learning experience as an elective opportunity

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