Paul Watkins

Paul Watkins, Ph.D.

Faculty Senate Co-Chair Professor Higher Education Leadership School Psychology & Educational Leadership

Office: College of Education 921 S. 8th Avenue, Stop 8380 Pocatello, ID 83209


Dr. Paul Watkins is a professor working with doctoral students in Higher Education Leadership in the College of Education at ISU. He has served two years on the ISU faculty senate and now is co-chair of the senate for 2016-2017. Prior to joining ISU in 2013, he served as a consultant related to innovation in higher education, chief academic officer and vice president of academic affairs, dean of two different colleges, associate dean, director of a Ph.D. program, and founding director of an interdisciplinary advanced technologies in information systems program. His background in accreditation and accountability in higher education has been broad and intensive. He has an extensive peer-reviewed academic publication and presentation record and has made numerous presentations to professional societies and organizations. Additionally, he has been a consultant to a number of top-level global companies and served on a United Nations subcommittee with members of the Brookings Institute dealing with issues related to transnational border flows. He earned tenure at the University of Southern California and received a number of awards and recognition for his scholarship, research grants, and service to the university and community.

Blakeman Large

David Blakeman

Faculty Senate Co-Chair Assistant Professor, Respiratory Therapy

Office: College of Technology

208-282- 3653

David Blakeman RRT, MTD, has been with ISU, College of Technology, working as the director of the Respiratory Care program since 2009. Presently, David is serving as co-chair to the Faculty Senate and has served on various committees, councils and boards; the Undergraduate Curriculum Council two years as the Chair; the Academic Appeals Board and Scholastic Appeals Board; College of Technology Scholarship committee; and Faculty Senate. Additionally, David has been active in his medical profession of respiratory therapy serving as the president of the Idaho State Society for Respiratory Care and presently as a member of the Idaho State Board of Medicine and chair of the respiratory practice act revision committee. David is actively pursuing a Ph.D. in Instructional Design.

Dotty Sammons

Past Senate Chair 2015-16

Office: Associate Professor Organizational Learning & Performance College of Education


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

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