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IVC Classroom Recording Process

Faculty Guide for Video Classroom Network

We will be adding a new recording process to your Video Classroom Network (VCN) classes in the Spring 2022 Semester. Zoom Cloud Recording will be integrated with the Interactive Video Conference Classrooms (IVCC).

Benefits of Zoom Cloud Recording

  • Faster publishing of recordings.
  • Recordings are encrypted.
  • Built-in auto-closed captioning/transcript.
  • Review recording analytics.
  • Videos are stored for 250 days; then auto-deleted.
  • Recordings can be integrated into Moodle ISU.
  • Cloud recordings can easily be edited by the instructor.

Instructors should not use the classroom computer to start the Zoom meeting. This will be managed by the VCN and IVCC Specialists. 

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You’ll need to perform these steps:

  1. Fill out the Interactive Video Conference Classroom Recording Request Form.
  2. Add a Zoom activity in Moodle 
  3. Import Zoom meeting into Zoom Activity.

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Form - request a recording setup

The request form will generate a Zoom meeting ID for your class with Zoom Cloud Recording enabled. Some faculty have already started using this new process and have found it very reliable. To request your VCN Classes to be recorded please fill out the IVCC Recording Request form. Prerequisite information: You will need an ISU Licensed Zoom account and change your account setting “Who can share” to “All participants.

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Share recordings to Moodle course

Zoom Cloud recordings can integrate with Moodle ISU, the instructor will add the Zoom activity and import their Zoom Meeting ID to their course to make the recordings available to all students.

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Share Recordings with Specific students

If instructors want the recording available to specific students instead of the whole class, the specific Zoom recording link from the Recording page can be shared. For more information review: Managing and sharing cloud recordings.

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Current Recording Process and WebRTC

The existing process from Fall 2021 of requesting class recordings on Google Drive will no longer be offered in the future.

The WebRTC conferencing platform will be replaced by Zoom web conferencing. 

Please contact ivcc@mm.isu.edu if you have any questions.

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Faculty Support

Idaho Falls:
Carolin Glendenning-Bowman 282-7704

Main Office 373-1701

Twin Falls
Maria Beltran 933-2300 or 736-2101
Adam Spencer, Distance Learning Test Proctor, 282-1205

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