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Step 1) Request the E-Text accommodation for your courses

When you request your disability accommodations, select the E-Text accommodation for each course that you need E-Texts for. By completing this step, you put our E-Text team on notice of the E-Texts you need. Our team will then begin working with E-Text resources in order to obtain your E-Texts as soon as possible. For support completing this step, please review the resources below.

Video support:

Step 1) Sign in to the Disability Services Portal

Screenshot of login

Step 2) Once you sign in, click on Alternative Text Agreement. Skip to Step 5 if you have already completed this form this semester

Step 3) Read through the terms of the Alternative Text Agreement formStep 4 of Step 1 of eText Process 

Step 4) Once you agree to the terms, digitally sign the form by typing in your name and then clicking on the Submit Form button

Screenshot showing

Step 5) Click on the List Accommodations link that is located inside the My Accommodations section

Picture of the arrow pointing to the List Accommodations link on the dashboard

Step 6) Scroll down to 3 Step Process to Request Accommodations, and select the term you're requesting accommodations for from the drop-down menu

Screenshot showing

Step 7) Enter your Course Registration Numbers CRN'ss) into the boxes provided, and click Continue to Customize Your Accommodations

Screenshot showing

Step 8) Check the boxes for all the accommodations you need for each course. Make sure to select the Electronic Textbook(s) [E-Texts] box if you need the E-Text version of the books for that course

Then click the Submit Your Accommodation Requests button located at the bottom of this page

Screenshot showing

Step 9) If your request has been processed successfully, a confirmation window will appear


Contact Us

For help with this or any other step, contact our E-text team by:

  • Emailing etext@isu.edu,
  • Calling (208) 282-3599, or
  • Visiting our physical office located in room 125 of the Rendezvous complex on the Pocatello campus.