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I need to review the testing agreement for an upcoming exam

You are encouraged to review the alternative testing agreement that your instructor completed. This agreement contains the parameters of the exam you will be taking through our office, Disability Services. These parameters include information about the materials that are allowed on the exam and many other important exam details. For support reviewing the alternative testing agreement, please review the resources below.

Video support:

Step 1) Go to the Services Portal.

Step 2) Sign in to the Services Portal using your username and password.DS Service Portal sign in page

Step 3) On your dashboard, go to the My Accommodations section and click on the Alternative Testing option.

Going to the My Accommodations section and clicking on the Alternative Testing option

Step 4) Within the Alternative Testing Agreement(s) section, select the class related to the DS Testing Agreement you would like to review by clicking on the drop-down box next to the Select Class:

Selecting the class related to the DS Testing Agreement you would like to review by clicking on the drop-down box next to the Select Class:

Step 5) Click on the View Alternative Testing Detail button.

 Clicking the View Alternative Testing Detail button

Step 6) Review the DS Testing Agreement

Reviewing the DS Testing Agreement

Step 7) If you have questions or concerns with the DS Testing Agreement, then please contact your instructor to address questions or concerns.

For example, you may have been under the impression that your upcoming test was open book. However, the Open Book option is not selected within the allowable materials question of the DS Testing Agreement. You would contact your instructor to discuss this misunderstanding. If open book is allowed, then your instructor will contact our office to make that change on the DS Testing Agreement. 

Step 8)  Now that you have reviewed the DS Testing agreement for your upcoming exam, please check your email account regularly for any updates about your exam.

Contact Us

For help with this or any other process, contact our main office by:

  • Emailing disabilityservices@isu.edu,
  • Calling (208) 282-3599,
  • Visiting our physical office located in room 125 of the Rendezvous complex on the Pocatello campus.