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Permission to use a calculator for exams.

Approved calculator for Math 0015: basic calculator (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with memory functions)

Approved calculator for Math 0025: TI-30XS

Disability Services will provide calculators for students or program participants to use should our office be responsible for proctoring.

Note: The U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division (Disability Rights Section) guidelines for calculator use when taking exams are as follows:

Testing entities must ensure that the test scores of individuals with disabilities accurately reflect the individual’s aptitude or achievement level or whatever skill the exam or test is intended to measure. A testing entity must administer its exam so that it accurately reflects an individual’s aptitude, achievement level, or the skill that the exam purports to measure, rather than the individual’s impairment (except where the impaired skill is one the exam purports to measure).

Example: An individual may be entitled to the use of a basic calculator during exams as a testing accommodation. If the objective of the test is to measure one’s ability to solve algebra equations, for example, and the ability to perform basic math computations (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), is secondary to the objective of the test, then a basic calculator may be an appropriate testing accommodation. If, however, the objective of the test is to measure the individual’s understanding of, and ability to perform, math computations, then it likely would not be appropriate to permit a calculator as a testing accommodation.

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