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A smiling child wearing a dental bib. Text reads Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science-Dental Hygiene

The Idaho State University Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene program provides students with a progressive education to empower professionals with the ability to drive the future of healthcare. The bachelor’s program is four semesters in length, which includes two years of generals and two years in the dental hygiene program. Once accepted into the dental hygiene program, all courses are taught in person. Clinical experiences include labs, ISU dental hygiene clinic, assisted living centers, Pocatello Free Clinic, and various off-campus community service projects.

The Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and provides learning opportunities for the students to prepare for the National and Clinical board exams required to obtain licensure as a registered dental hygienist.

Required Dental Hygiene Courses:

Junior Year - Fall Semester (20 credits)
DENT 3307 Prevention and Management of Dental Emergencies
DENT 3308 Oral Histology and Embryology
DENT 3311 Tooth Morphology
DENT 3312 Head and Neck Anatomy
DENT 3313 Clinical Dental Hygiene I
DENT 3313C Clinical Dental Hygiene I Clinic
DENT 3315 Preventive Dentistry
DENT 3316 Dental Materials

Junior Year - Spring Semester (19 credits)
PPRA 3314 Basic and Applied Pharmacology for Dental Hygiene
DENT 3309 General and Oral Pathology
DENT 3314 Clinical Dental Hygiene II
DENT 3314C Clinical Dental Hygiene II Clinic
DENT 3318 Oral Radiology
DENT 3318L Oral Radiology Lab
DENT 3319 Preclinical Restorative Procedures
DENT 3320 Pain Management
DENT 3321 Periodontology

Senior Year - Fall Semester (20 credits)
DENT 4401 Research Methods
DENT 4402 Advanced Periodontology
DENT 4403 Advanced Clinical Theory I
DENT 4403C Advanced Clinical Practice I Clinic
DENT 4408 Ethical and Legal Principles
DENT 4411 Application of Restorative Therapies
DENT 4411C Restorative Care I
DENT 4413 Community Health and Special Needs Populations
DENT 4422 Educational Strategies and Applied Methods

Senior Year - Spring Semester (15 credits)
DENT 4404 Advanced Clinical Theory II
DENT 4404C Advanced Clinical Practice II Clinic
DENT 4405 Dental Hygiene Seminar
DENT 4412C Restorative Care II
DENT 4414 Community Outreach Experiences
DENT 4421 Leadership and Health Policy
DENT 4424 Principles of Interprofessional Practice Management

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