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InstrumentAnalysisElementsInternal Price
EA-IRMS Solid Samples 

δ15N, δ13C

% Elements included

TC/EA-IRMS Solid Organic & Inorganic Samples 

δD, δ18O

% Elements included
TC/EA-IRMS Water  δD, δ18 $13.00 
Thermo Gas Bench II Carbonates, DIC  δ13C, δ18O $13.00 
LGR Liquid-Water Isotope Analyzer Water Samples  δD, δ18  

*Contact us for External Prices

Sample PreparationInternal Price
Sample Weighting (micro-balance) $2.00
Extraction and Freeze Drying $20.00

Sample Submission

Liquid samples to be submitted for analysis should be submitted to the lab in 12x32mm vials and must be free of oil, salt, and sediment, which would alter the analysis. Water samples with sediments or suspended particles must be filtered before the samples are submitted to the lab.

Solid organic and inorganic samples must be weighted in tin or silver capsules. Due to concerns with adsorbed water vapor and other sample preparation issues, please contact us before submitting samples. Some sample materials with keratin, collagen, etc. can potentially exchange with water vapor in the lab environment. Because of this, correction must be made to take into consideration the sample material type by using a two or three-stage exchangeable equilibration method.

Organic solid samples for δ15N and δ13C must be fine-grained and uniformly mixed.

Carbonate and DIC samples can be analyzed by acidification with phosphoric acid and must be submitted in exetainer vials; contact us for details.

It is the responsibility of the sample submitter to prepare the samples, determine appropriate techniques or determine if additional preparation is required for their samples. If you need advice on sample preparation and the amount of samples needed for each type of analysis, contact the lab.

Sample Weight Calculator

Click the following link to download and use the calculator:

Sample Weight Calculator

IRMS Sample Analyses Schedule