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Analysis Rates

Below are the negotiated rates developed for standard analysis for internal clients. Our external rate structure is undergoing revision. Please contact us if you have questions about analyses for external clientele.

Platform  Instrument Analysis  Elements Internal Price  External Price
Isotope Ratio MS  EA-IRMS Analysis Solid Samples   d15N, d13C + wt. % N, C  $5.50 Inquire
TC/EA-IRMS Analysis  Solid organic & inorganic samples  dD, d18O + wt. % D, O $7.50
 TC/EA-IRMS Analysis  Water  dD, d18O $7.50 
Gas Bench  Carbonates, DIC  d13C, d18O $7.50 
Water Analyzer  LGR Liquid-Water Isotope Analyzer  Water Samples  dD, d18O Inquire
Inductively Coupled Plasma MS Liquid Aspiration Analysis Liquid Samples Be, Li & Na--U $13.59
DRC (Collision Cell) Analysis Solid/Liquid Samples H, O, Cl, S, Ar Interferences Inquire
Laser Ablation Analysis Solid Samples Be, Li & Na--U $11.77
X-ray Fluorescence Portable ED-XRF Solid/Liquid Samples All with LOD $11.76
FEG-ESEM SE/BSE Imaging Solid Samples -- Inquire
ESEM Imaging Hydrated Samples --
STEM Analysis TEM Grid Samples --
EDS Analysis Solid Samples All (Major and Minor Constituents)
 Sample Preparation   Sample Weighting (micro-balance) -- --  $2.00
 Extraction and Freeze Drying -- --  $20.00
Cryomilling, Mixer Milling -- -- Inquire
Mounting, Sectioning, Polishing -- --