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Analytical Capability

The laboratory is capable of analyzing solid organic and inorganic matter, gasses, liquids, and carbonate samples for elemental analysis of %C, %N, %H, and %S; and isotope analysis for δ15N, δ13C, δ18O, and δD from a variety of biological, ecological, geological, and archeological materials.


The ECS 4010, which is capable of analyzing very small samples, is based on the flash combustion-chromatographic separation technology for the complete combustion of solid organic samples. Its three-stack autosampler tray has wide carousal holes that allow large samples, when required, to be loaded easily.


The ThermoFinnigan High-Temperature Conversion Elemental Analyzer (TC-EA) is capable of isotope analysis of oxygen and hydrogen from a variety of materials, soils, sediments, and liquids by thermal conversion in the absence of oxygen. The TC-EA is equipped with the Zero-Blank autosampler for solid samples, which can be easily exchanged by a liquid injection port when analyzing water.

Gas Bench

The Gas Bench II device gives the laboratory an efficient way to measure isotopes of carbon and oxygen from inorganic carbon (carbonate) and DIC by head-space equilibration. The instrument has a precision of those analyses similar to a dual inlet system.


The Los Gatos Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer, unlike the TC-EA, uses laser technology for analyzing 18O/16O and D/H in liquid water. It is equipped with an LC-PAL for automated injection.