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Application Process

Step 1: Apply through ATCAS

Apply through ATCAS, before March 1st:

  1. Register and apply with Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS). Application through ATCAS.liaisoncas.com.
  2. Send transcripts to ATCAS. Transcripts must be hard copies; official transcripts submitted digitally will not be accepted.
  3. When filling in the coursework section of the application be sure to enter courses in progress and courses that will be taken in future semesters. Failure to include these courses will lead to an "Incomplete" application.
  4. Submit two letters of recommendation to ATCAS.
  5. Submit Athletic Training experience/observation verification forms to ATCAS.
  6. Submit your official GRE Scores to ATCAS.
  7. You need a total of 50 hours.

Step 2: Apply to ISU Graduate School

  1. The Graduate School application requires uploading transcripts. Follow the instructions given within the application in regards to what kind of transcripts and how to upload them.
  2. Pay the Graduate School application fee by March 1st. Failure to pay the fee by March 1st will disqualify your application - no exceptions will be made.
  3. Have official transcripts sent to the Graduate School by April 1st.