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Medical Spanish Opportunities

Graduate Certificate in Spanish for the Health Professions (15 credits)

The Department of Global Studies and Languages, in cooperation with the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences, has a hybrid undergraduate degree and graduate certificate in Spanish for the Health Professions (SHP). AT students may take individual SHP courses or pursue the graduate certificate. Dr. Cathleen Tarp, director of the SHP program, teaches regularly scheduled Spanish courses for AT students during the didactic year as well as other Spanish coursework in the languages department.

AT students are able to earn the graduate certificate by completing 15 credits from two areas of core instruction:

  • The Language Core (minimum of 9 credits)
    • SPAN 5500: Spanish Advanced Grammar (3 credits)
    • SPAN 5510: Spanish for the Health Professions (1-2 credits)
    • SPAN 5560: Interpretations and Translation I, II (4 credits)
    • SPAN 5594: Topics in Language and Culture for the Professions I (1-3 credits)
    • SPAN 5595: Topics in Language and Culture for the Professions II (1-3 credits)
    • Approved graduate level elective taught in the Spanish language (3 credits)
  • The Culture Core (minimum of 6 credits)
    • ANTH 5530: Human Evolution (3 credits)
    • ANTH 5507: Anthropology of Global Health (3 credits)
    • ANTH 5508: Topics in Medical Anthropology (3 credits)
    • ENGL 5588: Introduction to Sociolinguistics (3 credits)
    • HIST 5579: Disease and US Public Health (3 credits)
    • MPH 6604: Social and Cultural Perspectives in Public Health (3 credits)
    • MPH 6607: US and Global Health Systems (3 credits)
    • SPAN 5505 Study Abroad (1-3 credits)
    • SPAN 5593: Spanish Internship (1-3 credits)
    • SPAN 5575: Topics in Culture and Literature (3 credits)
    • Approved graduate level elective (3 credits)

 For more information, please visit the Course Catalog for the Department of Languages and Literatures.