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Program Cost

Textbooks and Course Materials/Fees

  • $200-$300 per semester
  • Booklist will be provided upon acceptance into the MSAT program

Professional Fees

  • $750.00 per semester (4 semesters)


  • $750.00
  • Required to hold spot in program
  • Will be applied to fall semester professional fees

NATA Associated Costs

  • Annual Dues ($85.00 per year) OR
  • A-Track ($120.00 per year)

Professional Malpractice Insurance

  • $40-$50 per year
  • Student responsibility
  • Optional

Criminal Background Investigation

  • $46.00 per year
  • Required both years in the program


  • Attire (e.g., dress slacks, dress jacket, etc.) will vary according to the clinical assignment and will be the responsibility of the student to purchase (if needed).
  • Name badge ($5.00 to $6.00)


  • Cost is dependent on which the student may be missing
  • Student responsibility

Hepatitis B Vaccination

  • Optional for the student; must provide documentation or signed waiver
  • Approximately $120-150 for the three-shot series
  • Can be obtained through ISU Student Health Center

Professional Rescuer CPR

  • $20-$25 per year
  • Student responsibility for incoming student

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

  • Can be obtained at the ISU Student Health Center or local Public Health Center
  • Student responsibility
  • Approximately $5-10 for the test, which requires two visits (1st visit to be injected with testing agent; 2nd visit must occur 2-3 days after 1st visit to assess injected area)
  • Required yearly

Travel and/or Housing To Off-Campus Clinical Affiliated Sites/Assignments

  • Students are responsible for obtaining transportation to/from a designated off-campus clinical affiliated site.  The student is encouraged to car-pool with the clinical instructor or fellow student (when available).
  • Students must find their own housing for experiences outside of SE Idaho
  • Minimum of 2 semesters

Scholarship Information

As an Athletic Training Student at Idaho State University, you have available to you a variety of financial aid other than the traditional forms offered through the University’s financial aid office. Listed below are scholarships available to a limited number of qualified students. Selection is based on those eligibility requirements specific to the individual award.

Graduate Student Non-Resident Tuition Waiver

The Graduate School has a very limited number of Non-Resident Tuition Waivers (NRTW) to award to students who are not residents of Idaho. These waivers are awarded competitively on the basis of scholarship and academic performance.

NATA Scholarships

The NATA Research and Education Foundation awards scholarships annually. Students interested in applying for NATA scholarships should request the appropriate information from the program director or by downloading an application at www.natafoundation.org. The deadline for application is in February.

NWATA District X Scholarships

The Northwest Athletic Trainer’ Association (NWATA) offers scholarship monies to outstanding students pursuing a degree in athletic training and who serve as athletic training students. These scholarships are awarded annually in the amounts of $500 and $1,500. Contact the website www.nwata.org for information.

IATA Scholarships

The Idaho Athletic Training Association offers a $500.00 scholarship to an outstanding student pursuing undergraduate degrees in athletic training. Contact the website http://www.idahoata.org/ for information.

ISU Scholarship Information

Luckey-Nesbitt Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to an Athletic Training Student whose intention is to make Athletic Training his/her primary career. The amount of the scholarship is approximately $630.00. Apply through ISU BOSS (Bengal Online Scholarship System).

ISU Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance