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Program Cost

Textbooks and Course Materials/Fees

  • $200-$300 per semester
  • Booklist will be provided upon acceptance into the MSAT program

Professional Fees

  • $750.00 per semester (4 semesters)


  • $750.00
  • Required to hold spot in program
  • Will be applied to fall semester professional fees

NATA Associated Costs

  • Annual Dues ($85.00 per year) OR
  • A-Track ($120.00 per year)

Professional Malpractice Insurance

  • $40-$50 per year
  • Student responsibility
  • Optional

Criminal Background Investigation

  • $46.00 per year
  • Required both years in the program


  • Attire (e.g., dress slacks, dress jacket, etc.) will vary according to the clinical assignment and will be the responsibility of the student to purchase (if needed).
  • Name badge ($5.00 to $6.00)


  • Cost is dependent on which the student may be missing
  • Student responsibility

Hepatitis B Vaccination

  • Optional for the student; must provide documentation or signed waiver
  • Approximately $120-150 for the three-shot series
  • Can be obtained through ISU Student Health Center

Professional Rescuer CPR

  • $20-$25 per year
  • Student responsibility for incoming student

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

  • Can be obtained at the ISU Student Health Center or local Public Health Center
  • Student responsibility
  • Approximately $5-10 for the test, which requires two visits (1st visit to be injected with testing agent; 2nd visit must occur 2-3 days after 1st visit to assess injected area)
  • Required yearly

Travel and/or Housing To Off-Campus Clinical Affiliated Sites/Assignments

  • Students are responsible for obtaining transportation to/from a designated off-campus clinical affiliated site.  The student is encouraged to car-pool with the clinical instructor or fellow student (when available).
  • Students must find their own housing for experiences outside of SE Idaho
  • Minimum of 2 semesters

ISU Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance