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Lucas Bloxham Welding Instructor holding a fish

Lucas Bloxham

Coordinator / Clinical Instructor



Professional Work Experience

  • Combo Pipe Welder/ Fabricator- 26 years
  • Instructor, College of Technology- Since 2005
  • Certified Welding Inspector/ Educator

Career Highlights

  • Have worked in 10 States
  • Have worked in refineries, helium plants, breweries, Coca Cola, Capri Sun, Calistoga Water, Proctor, Gamble, Pokka Beverages, tomato plants, fertilizer companies, semiconductor industries
  • Completed my AWS Weld Inspector Certification

Favorite Professional Experience

It would be hard to name just one experience. I really enjoy working with the welding students and seeing them grow into successful welders. It is always enjoyable for the graduates to come back to the shop and have new trucks, new trailers, and new toys to show for the hard work. They talk about their work experiences and are always very thankful about their experience here at Idaho State University.

A Little About Me…

I enjoy all things outdoors. I have a real love for salmon and steelhead fishing in Idaho and Alaska. I spend a lot of time on the Salmon River, enjoying whitewater rafting, fishing, and hunting.

Kurt Bunnell Clinical Instructor, WELDING TECHNOLOGY

Kutler Bunnell

Clinical Instructor, Welding Technology

Office: Eames Complex 516

(208) 282-3500


Dave Erickson, Welding Instructor

Dave Erickson

Clinical Instructor



Professional Work Experience

  • Rig Welder/Combo Pipe Welder/Fabricator – 22 years
  • Instructor, College of Technology – 11 years
  • AWS Certified Welding Educator/Inspector
  • Owner of Erickson Welding, LLC

Career Highlights

  • Graduated from ISU’s Welding Program in 1995
  • Worked in 9 States
  • Worked in refineries, oil/gas plants/fields, natural gas pipelines, mining, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, food processing plants
  • Welded alloys such as ferralium, hastelloy, 904ss, alloy 20, 316, 304, chrome, and several grades of carbon steel
  • Passed 1000s of x-rays
  • Continue to weld all year as a contractor

One of my Favorite Professional Experiences

I love to place our students in high paying jobs. The students’ faces light up when we can send them to work. It is also very gratifying to see how successful the students are after a short time. A lot of students come back to visit and tell wild stories of what they have been up to. It’s a lot of fun. It makes my day when they thank me for getting them ready for a successful career.

Kyle Lester Instructor, Welding

Kyle Lester

Clinical Instructor



Marcus Hernandez

Clinical Instructor