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Unmanned Aerial Systems

Program Objectives:

  1. The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program at the Idaho State University College of Technology addresses the interests and requirements of participants in career opportunities within growing UAS sectors such as aerial photography, surveying, agriculture, first responders, and security.
  2. The program provides basic skills, knowledge, and training in current unmanned aerial systems, including principles of flight, controls systems, basic electronics, video and imagery collection and analysis, airframes, and payloads.
  3. The program provides learning opportunities involving critical thinking and problem solving.
  4. The program provides student with knowledge of legal and ethical concerns related to the use of UAS.


Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Implement, program, operate, and troubleshoot various autopilot controllers on unmanned vehicles.
  2. Develop, program, and deploy a complete autopilot mission for various autopilot controllers on unmanned vehicles.
  3. Retrieve, analyze, and troubleshoot unmanned vehicle errors using flight metrics from flight data recorders.
  4. Install, maintain, and troubleshoot electronic based sensors and measurement devices for unmanned platforms.
  5. Effectively communicate through written, verbal, and electronic formats.
  6. Acquire the knowledge needed to pass the FAA Remote Pilot examination.
  7. Convert, analyze, and interpret Geo-referencing, visual, and multispectral data gathered on unmanned platforms.