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Idaho State University
Allisha Gneiting Unmanned Aerial Systems Instructor

Allisha Gneiting

Unmanned Aerial Systems Instructor

Office: Trade & Technology Building


Professional Work ExperienceAllisha Gneiting Unmanned Aerial Systems Instructor with a drone

  • Idaho State University, Unmanned Aerial Systems Instructor – 1.5 years 2017 to current
  • Remote Imagery Technology Inc. (RITI) - Lead Avionics Technician – 8.5 years
  • Raytheon – laser technician – 1 year

Career Highlights

  • Graduating with an Associates in Lasers and Electro Optics from Idaho State University
  • Traveling the world flying a variety of unmanned aircraft as a Department of Defense Contractor.
  • Obtaining my operator’s certificate from Insitu (a Boeing owned company) on the Scan Eagle platform and worked many hours flying and fixing the platform in support of a variety of missions in the Middle East.
  • Training new avionics technicians and running the Scan Eagle program for avionics in support of overseas operations.
  • Was able to be a part of research, development, and testing on new technology for Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Building laser range finders and designator in support of military contracts while working for Raytheon
  • Teaching, working, and learning with students about the technology driven, quickly changing drone industry.

One of my favorite professional experience...

Working at remote locations throughout the Middle East in small teams of 4-8 people is one of my favorite experiences.  In this unique situation, co-workers become so much more than the normal definition, they become more like family.  You not only work together, but also spend free time together learning who they are on a more personal level.  

Often times we had few resources and it took several weeks to order new parts or supplies needed.  I learned to become very resourceful and use my problem solving and critical thinking skills in order to keep the equipment and airplanes running smoothly.  Any down time could be detrimental to the mission and people we were supporting.

 I was also able to work with other cultures, see their way of life, and learn a few words in other languages.  Many lived in mud huts, with no running water or electricity, a very different lifestyle than we live in the U.S.   I will never forget my experiences or the many lessons I learned and I use these in the classroom to teach my students.