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Barbara J. Marshall Rotunda

Barbara J. Marshall Rotunda


With its soaring domed ceiling, the inspiring Barbara J. Marshall Rotunda is the centerpiece of the Stephens Performing Arts Center. While its primary function is akin to a foyer for the center, it is in fact a versatile space that accommodates many uses. It has been the venue for such important events as the announcement of the appointment of Dr. Arthur C. Vailas as Idaho State University’s new president, and performances of productions like “Antigone,” both in 2006.

Rental Rates

  • Community: $1,200
  • ISU Departments only: $600 

(Note: Rate includes room rental, standard table and chair configurations, lighting and HVAC.)

Setup, Teardown and Cleaning Fees


Setup, teardown and cleaning fees will be charged in addition to Rotunda rental. All setup fees will be charged out at $15.00 per hour. All overtime hours will be charged at $22.50 per hour. A staff member must be present during all events. Please contact the Director of Events at (208) 282-3398 for estimates.

Sound Technician and Supervisor


Fees will charged at $25.00 per hour.



  • Lavaliere Microphone - $35.00
  • Additional Eight Foot Tables (per) - $2.50
  • Covered Top Tables Only - $5.00
  • Skirted Tables with Covered Top - $10.00
  • Linen - $4 per linen
  • Portable Screen - $35.00
  • Flip Charts and Easel - $15.00
  • Podium with Sound - $125.00
  • Video Projection Unit with screen - $150.00
  • Portable Sound System - $125.00

Rental Policy


The Marshall Family Rotunda is a versatile, elegant foyer located in Idaho State University's Stephens Performing Arts Center. The Stephens Performing Arts Center is subject to the practices and procedures set forth by the State Board of Education and Idaho State University. The following information is provided to help determine your costs in renting the Marshall Family Rotunda. Scheduling and contracting are handled at the direction of the Director of Events for Idaho State University. Please contact (208) 282–3398 for a complete estimate of charges.

Scheduling the Marshall Family Rotunda


Scheduling priority will be as follows:

  1. Academic use by Idaho State University
  2. Non-academic University-related use
  3. Non-educational community related events
  4. Commercial events


The Stephens Performing Arts Center will hold a potential performance date for 30 days. In order to finalize a hold date, a contract must be executed. A signed contract must be signed 30 days in advance of the performance or the date may be forfeited. When a facility hold is challenged, the party who placed the first hold will be given the right of first refusal and must secure the date with a deposit and signed contract within 48 hours.

Deposit Policy


The Stephens Performing Arts Center requires one-half the minimum rental fee as a deposit upon signing the rental contract. For free events, or if the Center is not providing ticketing services, the deposit may be the total rental fee. If you are a first time renter, you may also be required to pay estimated expenses in addition to rent at the time of the signing of the rental contract. In addition, first time renters must provide three references where they have promoted similar events in comparable types of facilities as the Jensen Grand Concert Hall within the past calendar year. Failure to provide references or an unfavorable report by a reference or other business contact will be sufficient grounds to deny use of the Stephens Performing Arts Center, and no contract will be executed.

Liability Insurance


All renters of the Stephens Performing Arts Center shall be required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance in which the State Board of Education and Idaho State University are named as additional insured parties. The minimum amount of the Combined Single Liability will be $1,000,000. The Director of Events shall have the discretion to reduce the required coverage or waive the required coverage. The CSL certificate shall be furnished within a reasonable time after the execution of the agreement of the rental contract, but not later than 10 days prior to the date of the first scheduled date.



If the renter fails to hold each event or events as specified by the agreement at the time agreed, the renter shall pay to the Stephens Performing Arts Center within 10 days of the contracted date a sum equal to the actual out-of-pocket expense incurred by the Center and lost rental income contracted for the event. The Center may retain all or part of the deposit to apply toward those expenses.

Rental Fees and Direct Event Charges


Rate Categories
  • Community: Applies to any Center use by a for-profit institute, agency, commercial promoter, business, private business, not-for-profit organization or municipal entity.
  • ISU: Applies to any Center use by Idaho State University.

Facility Personnel


All facility personnel are scheduled and paid by the Stephens Performing Arts Center, unless otherwise negotiated in advance. Please note that a three-hour minimum call is required for hourly employees. Staffing levels to be determined by the Director of Events.

Merchandise Sales


The sale of merchandise, souvenirs, or goods of any kind is subject to the approval of the Director of Events. All renters must set up and adhere to any space requirements prior to the opening of the doors. The Center will charge 20 percent (20%) commission of the net sales (sales after state sales tax) if the renter supplies the sales personnel and change fund(s), or 25 percent (25%) commission of net sales (sales after state sales tax) if the Center supplies the sales personnel and the change fund(s). Any merchandise placed on sale must be inventoried by the Director of Events or his designee before sales begin. Arrangements for such sales must be made at least one week prior to the event. The Center retains the exclusive right to sell food and or drink items and its own merchandise at all events without renter participation.

Marketing Services


Contact the Director of Events at (208) 282–3398 for information.

Hospitality or Catering Services


Hospitality or catering services are exclusively proved by Chartwells Dining Service, located on the campus of Idaho State University. Contact Chartwells at (208) 282–5831 for information. Beer and wine can be available if approved for receptions, banquets and social events at the Stephens Performing Arts Center. An Alcohol Permit Application must be completed and returned to Chartwells Dining Service a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the event in order for alcohol sales to be considered at the Stephens Performing Arts Center. Contact Chartwells at (208) 282–5831 for information.

Advertisement and Display of Signs


Renter will not be permitted to commence its advertising for its event until a fully executed contract has been executed. Renter shall not do nor permit to have done at the Stephens Performing Arts Center anything that would tend to injure, mar, or in any manner deface the premises. No nails, hooks, tacks, screws, or any other device may be driven or installed into or onto any part of the facility.

Renter shall not post nor exhibit any signs, advertisement, show bills, or posters of any description on any part of the premises at the Stephens Performing Arts Center except those that relate to the event in places designated by the Director of Events.

University Advancement


University Advancement will be permitted up to five days usage per year in the Jensen Grand Concert Hall rent-free. University Advancement will determine the users who in turn will be responsible for the direct facility expenses. Requests for these usage days are to be made to University Advancement.