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Quick Facts

 Stephens performing arts Center stage

Size: 123,000 square feet

Highest point: Barbara J. Marshall Rotunda, 83 ft. 2 in.

Amount of electrical wiring: 1 million feet (about 189 miles)

Acreage: 16.8

Number of bricks used:about 280,000

Heaviest acoustic panels: two, at about 36,000
pounds each

Largest performance venues:
• Joseph C. and Cheryl H. Jensen Grand Concert Hall, 13,890 sq. ft.; 1,200 seats.

• Beverly B. Bistline Thrust Theatre: 8,212 sq. ft.; about 450 seats.

• James E. and Beverly Rogers Black Box Theatre: 3,400 sq. ft.; upwards of 227 seats, depending on how they are arranged.

First performance: “Man of LaMancha,” October 2004, in the Beverly B. Bistline Thrust Theatre