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Practical Nursing – Traditional Option

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Communicate and document accurate information about patients in a concise and clear manner.
  2. Utilize therapeutic communication skills when interacting with patients and their families.
  3. Collaborate with patients, families and health care personnel to achieve positive patient outcomes.
  4. Integrate evidence-based data that guides or leads to best practice and quality improvement.
  5. Apply the steps of the nursing process in a competent and caring manner to safely meet the holistic needs of patients across the lifespan in a variety of health care settings.
  6. Provide care that reflects the professional practice standards including ethical and legal parameters.
  7. Demonstrate cultural awareness and respect for persons when working with all populations in the healthcare environment.
  8. Provide and manage care through the safe and efficient use of human, physical, financial, and technical resources to meet patient outcomes.
  9. Demonstrate professional accountability through identification of learning needs and ongoing professional development.
  10. Apply principles of teaching and learning to advocate for and empower patients and families to effectively participate in healthcare decisions and health maintenance.
  11. Demonstrate patient-centered prioritization of nursing actions and delegates tasks to appropriate members of the health care team.