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Misty Hymas MSN, RN Director of Nursing Programs at College of Technology

Misty Hymas MSN, RN

Director of Nursing Programs at College of Technology


Professional Work Experience

  • Licensed Practical Nurse, Bear Lake Memorial Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility- Montpelier, Idaho
  • Licensed Practical Nurse, Caribou Memorial Hospital- Soda Springs, Idaho
  • Registered Nurse, Bear Lake Memorial Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility- Montpelier, Idaho
  • Past instructor for Certified Nursing Assistant, Assistance with Medications, and CPR

 Career Highlights

  • Instructor for 7 years, at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital, for the LPN outreach program.  Graduated 25 students, whom all successfully passed NCLEX boards on first attempt.  Being very instrumental in bringing the program back to this small rural hospital has been a huge success for “growing their own”.
  • Minimum Data Set RAC-CT certified for 10 years.

One of My Favorite Professional Experiences

This is super hard for me.  It is hard to pick one of my favorite experiences professionally when I have seen the miracle of life as a new baby is born or watching a heart attack survivor hug his loved ones after a successful resuscitation.   All nurses could name many emotional experiences, such as seeing an elderly couple holding hands walking down the hall together. Or the past director of nursing, that has now entered the nursing home as a patient, tell you that you are a complete idiot for doing her bed bath different from her days on the floor then becoming great friends with her.  But, I would have to say there has been nothing better than watching my two daughters enter into the nursing profession and being one of their instructors.  I got to watch them grow as they gained knowledge.  I got to see the success as they received their nursing pins, and knew truly how hard they both had worked to get there.  My favorite professional experience happens over and over every year as I watch the students I taught walk up on stage to receive their nursing pin.  I get to help teach compassion and caring future nurses, what could be better than that!

Misty Hymas with her family

Jen Briggs, Instructor, Practical Nursing

Jen Briggs, MSN, RN

Instructor, Practical Nursing

208- 282-2830

Professional Work Experience

Registered Nurse- 20 years

Bannock Regional Medical Center

Portneuf Medical Center

St. Luke’s Medical Center- Boise

St. Luke’s Medical Center- Magic Valley

 Instructor, College of Technology Practical Nursing – 7 years

Career Highlights

Staff nurse/Charge Nurse Medical-Surgical Units 15 years (1997-2012)

Manager of Surgical Unit at Portneuf Medical Center 3.5 years (2004-2008)

Staff nurse on acute inpatient rehab unit for past 5 years

 One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

Telling your story helps to build connections with prospective students and demonstrates how you make an impact in your field.

This is probably isn’t a favorite experience- I can’t think of one at the moment, but is a touching experience that has stayed with me for years.

I was working a night shift several years ago, caring for a patient who had just come out of surgery.  He was in quite a bit of pain, but was controlling it with a patient controlled pain pump.  Due to a combination of the anesthesia and the pain medication, he became too sedated to breathe adequately.  Because of this, I had to administer a medication that reversed the pain medication.  Giving this medication caused him to be in a severe amount of pain, but he was now breathing.  All I could do to comfort him was help him sit up at the side of the bed (at his request), hold his hand, rub his back and apologize for taking his pain medication away.  His response to me causing him pain was to say “Thank you” as I sat next to him holding his hand. Eventually his breathing and oxygen stabilized enough to give him more pain medication and get him comfortable.  I will never forget his kindness and graciousness when I had to hurt him to help him.


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