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Jen Briggs, Instructor, Practical Nursing

Jen Briggs, MSN, RN

Instructor, Practical Nursing

208- 282-2830

Professional Work Experience

Registered Nurse- 20 years

Bannock Regional Medical Center

Portneuf Medical Center

St. Luke’s Medical Center- Boise

St. Luke’s Medical Center- Magic Valley

 Instructor, College of Technology Practical Nursing – 7 years

Career Highlights

Staff nurse/Charge Nurse Medical-Surgical Units 15 years (1997-2012)

Manager of Surgical Unit at Portneuf Medical Center 3.5 years (2004-2008)

Staff nurse on acute inpatient rehab unit for past 5 years

 One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

Telling your story helps to build connections with prospective students and demonstrates how you make an impact in your field.

This is probably isn’t a favorite experience- I can’t think of one at the moment, but is a touching experience that has stayed with me for years.

I was working a night shift several years ago, caring for a patient who had just come out of surgery.  He was in quite a bit of pain, but was controlling it with a patient controlled pain pump.  Due to a combination of the anesthesia and the pain medication, he became too sedated to breathe adequately.  Because of this, I had to administer a medication that reversed the pain medication.  Giving this medication caused him to be in a severe amount of pain, but he was now breathing.  All I could do to comfort him was help him sit up at the side of the bed (at his request), hold his hand, rub his back and apologize for taking his pain medication away.  His response to me causing him pain was to say “Thank you” as I sat next to him holding his hand. Eventually his breathing and oxygen stabilized enough to give him more pain medication and get him comfortable.  I will never forget his kindness and graciousness when I had to hurt him to help him.

Kristie Karroum Clinical Instructor Practical Nursing Program

Kristie Karroum, MSN FNP

Instructor, Practical Nursing

Office: Vocational Arts 205


Professional Work Experience

Registered Nurse – Maternal Infant Nursing 20 years

Lactation Consultant Private Practice, IBCLC FNP-C

Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition, Board Member

NRP, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Instructor

Idaho BEST, Breastfeeding Education Support Team, Member

Career Highlights

United States Lactation Consultant Association Changemaker Award 2021

MSN, FNP South University- 2017

Idaho WIC Breastfeeding Support Recognition Award- 2017

IBCLE Care Award for demonstrated improvements and contributions to breastfeeding outcomes- 2016

IBCLC, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant- 2013

BSN RN, San Diego State University- 2003

CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant- 1996

Hospital Junior Volunteer- 1995

Why I love nursing…

I became interested in the science of nursing at the age of 12. I had a neighbor who was a nurse and browsing her bookshelf, I asked to borrow one of her nursing textbooks to learn about the physiology of the body and holistic approaches to promote health.

Through my career in nursing, I've enjoyed helping people reach their health goals by teaching about the conditions affecting them or their loved ones assisting them to optimize their health. I found my niche as a maternal family nurse, and I am passionate about caring for mothers and babies. I enjoy caring for new mothers and babies one-on-one and creating systematic approaches to improve maternal infant health. One of the most rewarding moments I have had in my career was when a mother told me that my help enabled her to succeed in her goals. I learned that the art of the nursing profession is equally important as the science and helping others achieve their best possible health happens in many ways, some of which are not always measurable.  

 A little about me

In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors with my husband and two wonderful boys. I can be found trying to keep up with them in the powder at Targhee in the winter and mountain biking and backpacking in the summer. I love East Idaho for its beautiful sunrises, friendly people and outdoor fun. 

Kristie Karroum Clinical Instructor Practical Nursing Program, hiking in snow


Spring Neihart Instructor, Practical Nursing (LPN)

Spring Neihart



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