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Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club is an informal gathering of philosophy students and faculty. We meet once a week to talk about topics of interest to students. Occasionally we watch a movie and discuss it. Both students and faculty enjoy the opportunity to talk philosophy without the pressure of tests, papers, and grades.

Philosophy Club meets once a week during fall and spring semesters, at a day, time, and place arranged at the beginning of each semester to accommodate the schedules of those interested. For the current schedule, please contact Melissa Norton at 208-282-2274, or by e-mail at manorton@isu.edu.

Philosophy club Idaho State University



During the semester we meet weekly on Fridays to share lunch and ideas. Informal conversation. Bring lunch. Bring a friend! All are welcome.

Liberal Arts room 248 (the philosophy alcove)

Fridays at noon

Starting the 2nd week of each semester

6 people sit at a conference table talking and laughing


The resources provided in the links have been placed here to assist students, faculty, and others associated with the Philosophy program. If you know of additional items for general use that could be included on this page, please contact us at philosophy@isu.edu.

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