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Four Things to Remember in December

November 30, 2022

We know you’re very focused on assignment deadlines and final exams right now, but there are some important things to think about before the end of the semester.

1 If you are graduating this December, check your email for a graduation to-do list from the Office of the Registrar. You can also find information on the Degree Award web page, including how to confirm your name on your diploma, ensure all transfer work is assessed and/or included, and more. 

2 Both graduating and continuing students with transfer credits who want to make sure those classes qualify for inclusion can reach out directly to tceinfo@isu.edu or gradisu@isu.edu or contact the Registrar’s office at reginfo@isu.edu or (208) 282-2661 for assistance.

3 Continuing students, we want you to be able to register into the classes you want and need, so now is the best time to talk to an advisor and get those classes secured.

4 This is also the time of the semester when you want to take very good care of yourself! Check out stress-management tips and resources from CATS (Counseling & Testing) Center, special testing accommodations for students who qualify, and emergency support through Benny’s Pantry and our Student Care and Assistance office. Good self-care and play are critical components of general wellbeing, so check out the U ROAR! web page for opportunities for fun and connection.


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