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Student Mail

The Mail Center processes and delivers all mail for students living in campus housing or those who have opened a personal mail box located in the lobby of the Mail Center.

Campus Address

Receiving Mail

Receiving Packages

Housing Stop Numbers

Moving off Campus

Campus Address:

All campus housing units use the following address for shipping and receiving mail. Using a campus housing physical address will cause delays in receiving your items.


[Housing Unit + Room Number]

Stop [XXXX] (See Below)

Idaho State University

921 S 8th Ave

Pocatello, ID 83209-0002

Receiving Mail:

Letters and Flats (larger envelopes) are received by the Mail Center every weekday morning and are processed and delivered to the University Housing. The housing office directs mail to individual housing units for distribution.

Receiving Packages:

All packages are held at the Mail Center for pickup by students. There are no direct deliveries to housing units or dorm rooms. Once a Package is received and processed by the Mail Center, an automated e-mail will be sent to your campus e-mail account. Please wait for this email before attempting to claim your package.

A valid photo ID is required when picking up packages. Without the ID, the Mail Center is not authorized to release the package. Written permission is required to release a package to another individual. Written permission may be provided by responding to the Package Notification Email. A spouse is authorized to pick up items with a valid photo ID. Packages are held at the Mail Center for 10 business days then returned to the sender.

If you suspect a package has arrived but a confirmation e-mail has not be received, please contact the Mail Center at ( or 208-282-3685 with the packages tracking number.

Housing Stop Numbers:

Each housing unit has a unique stop number associated with it. The following chart lists the nine housing units, their abbreviation, and stop number. Please include the stop number and room number on all mail or packages.

Housing UnitAbbreviationStop Number
McIntosh Manor MM 8617
Pulling Courts PC 8619
Rendezvous Housing RV 8623
Ridge Crest RC 8621
Schubert Heights SH 8625
South Complex SC 8611
Turner Hall TH 8628
University Courts UC 8630
West Campus WC 8083

Moving off Campus:

When moving off campus please submit a forward with the Mail Center to ensure mail is sent to the new address. Not all mail can be forwarded. In the event an item cannot be forwarded, it will be returned to the sender. Forwards are active for one calendar year but a shorter period may be specified (for example returning home for the summer).