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Library Media Policy

The following guidelines are intended to guide Library faculty and staff in their use of various forms of media within a professional context. The guidelines are intended to be consistent with university expectations and may be amended as university guidelines are revised and made available. All use should be made in a manner that maintains legal and professional standards. Media typically utilized by Library staff include print or digital newsletters, the Library website, print or digital brochures, and forms of social media.  

The principles of academic freedom and free exchange of ideas apply to these guidelines, however, as university employees, Library staff are obliged to follow additional guidelines that direct the use of University/Library supported media, whose purpose is the promotion and communication of University and/or Library events, programs or services.  

Content creators for Library supported media should:

  • use depictions so as to avoid putting oneself or the Library in a position to be accused of libel, defamation of character or other legal violations;
  • be responsible for their own behavior; this includes knowledge of applicable laws and policies;
  • utilize logos that comply with relevant marketing, public relations, and technical standards of the University;
  • use language and/or depictions that are respectful and inclusive;
  • mark the passage of time and/or semesters by acknowledging academic milestones, events, and federally recognized holidays.

Content creators for Library supported media should not:

  • send or post abusive, insulting, attacking or threatening messages toward others;
  • use the name of the Library or ISU to endorse commercial products, political parties, or candidates;
  • speak on behalf of the Library or ISU unless authorized to do so; 
  • release any information from a student's education record. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures the privacy of educational records of students.

Social media are defined as online technologies used to share information, resources, and opinions. University Libraries have accounts on the following social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.