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The Eli M. Oboler Library is the new home of the Arthur P. Oliver Law Library. Judge Oliver was a long-time Sixth District Judge who retired in 1990. The Bannock County law library , which was named to honor him, formerly resided in the Bannock County Courthouse Annex on 6th Avenue in Pocatello. The new collection will continue to serve the needs of the Sixth District judges and is intended to support the university's paralegal and business programs.

The Arthur P. Oliver Law Library at Idaho State University's Oboler Library is open to anyone who wishes to use the legal resources housed there. The Law Library has many primary and secondary resources, as well as a selection of practitioner materials. As a general rule, the Law Library materials do not circulate, but there are photocopiers on the first and third floors of the building.

The Arthur P. Oliver Law Library is located on the third floor of the Eli M. Oboler Library on the Idaho State University campus. The address is 850 South 9th Avenue, Pocatello, Idaho.

How can we help you?

If you need legal information, we encourage you to make use of the Law Library.

  • We can tell you where things are in the Arthur P. Oliver Library.
  • We can suggest sources for you to use.
  • We can show you how to use sources in the Arthur P. Oliver Library.
  • We can show you how to use library databases such as the library catalog and periodical indexes.
  • We can suggest search terms when using indexes or other finding tools.
  • We can help you find law books on particular subjects.
  • We can help you figure out legal citations.
  • We can refer you to other libraries or institutions when our library does not have what you need.


There are three spaces reserved 24 hours a day for County Law Library parking. The spaces are located in the lot by the ISU Credit Union. A permit will be required. The county issues parking permits to lawyers, judges and law clerks in the Sixth District. Parking is also available in the following locations:

  • Metered spaces across campus.
  • Holt Arena parking lot free section. A free bus route (J) travels between the lot and the Library approximately every 15 minutes during regular semesters.
  • On street.
  • Almost anywhere after 4:00 p.m.

For ethical and practical reasons:

  • We cannot do legal research for you.
  • We cannot interpret the law for you or give you legal advice.
  • We cannot read statutes, cases, court rules, or definitions over the phone or via email.

There are many reasons for this policy, including:

  • Researching the law, determining how the law applies to a particular situation, advising individuals, and helping individuals decide what actions they should take are examples of practicing law. Lawyers practice law; librarians do not.
  • Legal research is complicated. "Simple" questions can have different answers depending on the facts. When patrons perform their own research, they can choose which cross-references to follow and determine which factors may affect the outcome in their situation.
  • The relationship between attorneys and clients is unique. It is protected by attorney-client privilege, disciplinary rules, and malpractice standards. The attorney and client have the opportunity to meet multiple times to ensure that the attorney has all the information needed to provide complete advice and services. Librarians do not have the same relationship with their patrons. This distinction is important, because inaccurate information or legal advice can strip people of their legal rights.
  • Legal research is time-intensive. The Library does not have sufficient staff to accept legal research requests.