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The Library Circulation Desk is located inside the front entrance on the first floor. The Circulation Desk is open all Library hours. All Library materials - except items obtained through Interlibrary Loan - are checked out and returned at the Circulation Desk.

Check out

  • Students, faculty or staff - use your current ISU ID to check out materials.
  • Community patrons - use your Community Borrower Card along with a photo ID.
  • ISU distance students, faculty or staff - see Obtaining Library Materials.

Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing Period/Renewals
Borrower Item Limit Books*/ # of renewals Periodicals*/ # of renewals Maps
Undergraduate 35 28 Days/2 3 Days/0 7 Days/0
Graduates 50 1 Semester/1 3 Days/0 7 Days/0
Faculty 100 1 Semester/5 3 Days/0 7 Days/0
Staff/Spouse 20 28 Days/2 3 Days/0 7 Days/0
Community/Alumni 10 28 Days/2 0/0 0/0
High School 5 28 Days/0 0/0 0/0


*Borrowing information applies to Government Documents, as well as regular books and periodicals.

Community and High School Students

Idaho residents, including high school students, may apply for a Community Borrower card at the Circulation Desk. A current Idaho Driver's License or a current High School Activity Card, along with one other form of identification showing address, i.e., a piece of mail, must be provided when applying for a card. High school students under age 18 must have a parent or guardian cosign the application and both must provide proof of identity and residence. There is a $10 fee for obtaining or renewing a Community Borrower card. Community Borrower cards are issued by circulation staff so books can be checked out the same day. To check out material, you must present your Community Borrower Card along with a photo ID. Refer to the Borrowing Criteria table above to determine borrowing privileges.

Current members of the ISU Alumni Association

Active members of the ISU Alumni Association may present their Alumni card at the Library Circulation Desk to receive a free Community Borrower card. Community Borrower cards are issued by circulation staff and books can be checked out the same day. To check out material, you must present your Community Borrower Card along with a photo ID. ISU Alumni Association members who have indicated on their Alumni membership application that they wish to have remote access to selected library databases will receive their Community Borrower cards through the mail. The borrower card number serves as the ISU ID Number when logging in to the Alumni Member Accessible — Resources. These online resources are available for personal/non-commercial use.


Special Privileges

Graduate or faculty status may be granted to the following patrons with the written approval of a dean or department chairperson:


  • Students working on research projects or theses who are not currently enrolled
  • University department employees or other patrons engaged in research who need extended privileges.


Special Privileges application forms may be obtained at the Circulation Desk. Borrowing period for materials corresponds with the patron status specified on the application. Privileges expire at the end of each semester. However, patrons may reapply for privileges by submitting a new completed application.



Patrons may renew materials in person at the Circulation Desk, over the phone by calling (208) 282-3248, or online, provided there are no holds or recalls in place for the material. Renewal criteria varies and is determined by patron status as described in Borrowing Criteria.

To renew your books online, go to the Library Catalog and click on the Your Record button at the top of the page. Enter your ISU ID Number and your last name and then click on the Login button. Go to the "Checked Out Items" section and click to put a check mark in the box under the Renew column for each item you wish to renew, then click on the Renew Items button. Be sure to verify that each item was renewed and make a note of the new Due Date.

Books that have reached the maximum number of renewals, periodicals, document periodicals, recalled books or books on hold will not be renewed. Fines and fees also block renewal of books. Please contact the Circulation Desk at (208) 282-3248 if you have problems renewing items online.


A hold puts your name on a waiting list for an ISU Library book that is currently checked out. To place a hold on an item you need to fill out a hold request form at the circulation desk. You will be notified by email when the item is ready for pickup.


recall request the immediate return of an ISU Library book that is currently checked out. All library material is subject to recall. To place a recall on a checked out item, go to the Library Catalog and search for the title you want. Bring up the complete record for that book and click on Request at the top left side of the page. Login to your ISU Library Account using your 9-digit ISU ID number and your last name and click submit. Select a Pickup Location: Main Library, Idaho Falls or Meridian. You may also select Mail and we will mail the book to you for a $4.00 per book fee. The book will be sent to your selection. Complete the "Cancel if not filled by" date information and click submit. You will be notified by email when the item is ready for pickup.
Patrons must return recalled material within 10 days. Fines are assessed at $1.00 per day per item, after a new date is assigned to a maximum of $25.00 for the late return of recalled items.


Fines and Fees

Fines and fees may be paid at the Library's Circulation Desk or by mailing a check to: Idaho State University Library, Circulation Department, 921 South 8th Ave - Stop 8089, Pocatello, Idaho 83209.

Students, faculty and staff may also pay fines and fees at the Cashier's Office in the Administration Building. You can also pay fines and fees with our online site.

Overdue book $0.30/day Per day per item to maximum of $30.00.
Overdue periodical $1.00/day Per day per item to maximum of $30.00.
Overdue reserve item $0.50/hour Per hour per item to maximum of $30.00.
Maximum fine $30.00 Per item.
Recalled material overdue $1.00/day Per day after new due date is assigned to maximum of $30.00.
Lost item fee
book, video, or reserve item
$100.00 $60.00 lost book fee + $30.00 overdue fee + $10.00 processing fee = $100 total minimum OR replacement cost of materials whichever is greater.
Lost periodical, document, map or company report fee varies Current replacement price + replacement fee + binding fee + overdue fees. If out of print, then at $0.10 per page for photocopied replacement.
Lost item processing fee $10.00/item *Assessed for all replacement items*
Max Outstanding Balance – faculty, students, staff $10.00  
Max Outstanding Balance – Community borrower $5.00  
Community Borrower card $10.00  

Suspension of Privileges

Patrons who fail to return or renew material, or who incur any fines or fees, are blocked from further check-out until all material has been returned and all fines and fees have been paid.

General Information


For your convenience, a bookdrop is located to the right of the main entrance to the Library. However, materials remain the responsibility of the borrower until they have been checked in at the Circulation Desk.

Searches for Missing Items

Patrons who are unable to locate library material may complete a search request form at the Circulation Desk. Circulation staff will search for the missing material and notify you by mail or email when the item is located.

Reminders and Bills

Overdue notices are sent to patrons as a courtesy reminder. Notices for faculty, staff, and students are sent to your assigned ISU email address. If you use a departmental email account or an outside email account, you MUST forward email from your ISU email account to your preferred email address. Click here for instructions on how to forward your ISU email (gmail) to your preferred email address. Notices for Community Borrowers and High School students are sent to your local street address. All patrons are required to notify the Library of any local street address changes. Prompt response to any notice received is appreciated.

Study Rooms

The Library offers four study rooms, three on the second floor and one on the first floor, for use by two or more University-affiliated patrons. Rooms may be reserved for two one-hour blocks per person, up to one week in advance. Reservations can be made in person at the Circulation Desk or by telephone at (208) 282-3248. To reserve a study room online go to our Library Home Page