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Idaho Needs Connectivity Leading University Distance Education

The INCLUDE Program provides increased opportunities for Idaho high school students in rural communities to participate in select ISU Dual Enrollment classes. By using cutting-edge distance learning technology that duplicates as closely as possible an in-person college classroom experience, students don't have to leave their school buildings regardless of rurality.

The equipment and technology are provided to high schools at no cost to them, thanks to the generous donations from three rural internet providers - Direct Communications, Blackfoot Communications, and ATC Communications - and a grant from the USDA.  Eligible high school students may enroll in ISU's INCLUDE Dual Enrollment classes and earn college credits at no cost through the Fast Forward program.

In addition to high school students, community members may also utilize the distance learning equipment to earn their ISU degree, facilitate professional advancement, or pursue subjects of interest.  The INCLUDE Program is currently operational in 28 Idaho high schools and further equip high school administrators and teachers across Idaho in their efforts to provide Dual Enrollment classes to their students.

Across the nation, mental health is particularly challenging in rural areas. 


Each rural high school will receive a tri-display setup capable of video-conferencing. The table below outlines the equipment in this setup, including quantities and descriptions.

1 Poly Studio USB An all-in-one speaker bar, microphone array, and auto-tracking high definition camera. Mounted above the SMART Display.
1 65-inch SMART Display A touch-interactive display mounted on a cart with casters for portability. The touch display can be used to interact with the computer instead of using the wireless keyboard and mouse. It can also be used to share annotations in the video conference.
2 65-inch LED TV Two 65-inch TVs for viewing shared content and remote-end participants.
1 Intel NUC PC A small system-on-a-chip (SoC) computer running Windows 10 Pro. This is mounted behind the SMART display and it is paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It can also be controlled via the SMART Display. It is used to launch and control the video conference.
Students receive equipment for learning through the INCLUDE program.
Students receive INCLUDE equipment