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Kandi Turley-Ames, PhD

Founding Dean

Office: Administrative Offices, College of Arts &Letters

(208) 282-3053


Kandi is the Dean in the College of Arts and Letters, and the Principal Investigator for INCLUDE. She works with the INCLUDE team members in the development and execution of the INCLUDE project. Kandi works across colleges, with the funding agency, donors, and community stakeholders to ensure the vision and mission of the project is brought to fruition. A clear understanding of the needs of the communities that ISU serves is critical to delivery of resources and building of partnerships.

Holly Kartchner

Director of Outreach & Retention

Office: Administrative Offices, College of Arts & Letters

(208) 282-5362


Holly, Director of Outreach and Retention for the College of Arts and Letters, plays a pivotal role in the INCLUDE project, facilitating access to rural schools and fostering crucial relationships with students, staff, and administrators. Her dedication extends to implementing Youth Mental Health First Aid training in INCLUDE schools, ensuring comprehensive support for student well-being. Additionally, Holly coordinates closely with students, counselors, career and college advisors, and administration to tailor courses that meet the diverse needs of students, further enhancing the project's impact.

Patti Overy

Financial Technician

Office: Business Administration Building Room 248



Patti is a Senior Financial Technician serving several units across campus and assisting with the financial processing and equipment purchasing for the INCLUDE project. She works closely with several team members to ensure proper processing of equipment acquisition and inventory tracking.

Elisabeth Curtis

Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the College of Arts and Letters

Office: Business Administration Building #5, Office 337 921 South 8th Ave, Pocatello, ID 83209, Stop 8087



Beth has been pivotal to the INCLUDE Project from the start, working closely with the team to create materials and assist those involved in their development for use in schools. Her passion for INCLUDE's transformative effects drives her role in crafting reports, analyzing data, and providing crucial communications support, ensuring that its successes and stories are effectively communicated, fostering greater understanding and support for this vital initiative.

Headshot portrait of Braeden Tolman

Braeden Tolman

Technology Coordinator

Office: Administrative Offices, College of Arts & Letters

(208) 282-1326


Braeden, the College of Arts and Letters IT Operations & Support Senior Technician, holds a pivotal role in the team by providing essential technical support for ISU sites. His expertise in selecting equipment crucially shapes the project's success, ensuring seamless integration in both high school and ISU classrooms.

Fredi Giesler

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Office: C.H. Kegel Liberal Arts 322

(208) 282-1236


Fredi supervises ISU social work students who offer vital mental health support to INCLUDE students and staff, fostering essential experiential learning opportunities for ISU students. Her role is instrumental in enabling the INCLUDE project to deliver crucial mental health assistance to rural students and staff in participating schools.