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Sport Management Minor

The Sport Management Minor is modeled to frame the NAPSE-NASSM Content Standards for undergraduate Sport Management programs. The standards encompass 10 core areas that include: Behavioral Dimensions of Sport; Management and Organizational Skills, Ethics in Sport Management; Marketing in Sport; Communication in Sport; Finance in Sport; Economics in Sport; Legal Aspects of Sport; Governance in sport; and Field Experience in a Sport Setting.

Candidates completeing this minor must compete a total of 27 credits, including 21 credits of required courses and 6 approved electvie credits.  Candidate must also achieve the following in addition to completing the course requirements. 

1.  A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) in all required and elective minor courses. 

2.  A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the minor. 


ISU Catalog, Sport Management Minor
Sport Management Minor Coursework

Outdoor Education Minor

The Outdoor Education minor is modeled around 4 goals that were developed after an extensive review of several other Outdoor Education program curricula. The Associate of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) recommends that individual programs establish goals that are relevant to their specific programs. The four component areas in the Outdoor Education minor include Leadership and Teaching, Outdoor Education Safety, Natural History, and Experiential Skills.

Candidates seeking a minor in outdoor education must complete a total of 21 credits from these four components.

ISU Catalog, Outdoor Education Minor

Outdoor Education Minor Coursework

Coaching Minor

The Coaching minor is modeled from the NASPE National Standards for Athletic Coaches which are intended to provide direction for administrators, coaches, athletes and the public regarding the skills and knowledge that coaches should possess. There are a total of 37 standards organized in 8 domains. The domains include: Injury Prevention, Care and Management; Risk Management; Growth, Development and Learning; Training, Conditioning and Nutrition; Social-Psychological Aspects of Coaching; Skills, Tactics and Strategies; Teaching and Administration; and Professional Preparation and Development.


Coaching Minor

Preparing professional educators for leadership and management in sport organizations

  • Physical Education Graduation Requirements
  • Physical Education Core (12 credits)
  • Coaching Electives (7 credits)


ISU Catalog, Coaching Minor

Coaching Minor Coursework